RE: Web2 vs Web3 and the scaling bottleneck no one on Hive is talking about.

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I don't see this issue corrected by collecting fees on access by full node operators.
Do you think Google will pay to rank our pages?

Again this is 100% WEB2 thinking.
Google? What is a Google?

Of course they would pay to rank our pages, because ranking pages has value and Hive would be paying more to Google to rank the pages than they'd have to pay to rank them. Paid to _____.

More likely the real solution to this problem is to simply expect that nodes making gobs of money are going to run a badass full node (like Splinterlands and other gaming dapps). However, charging users for premium service will definitely come into play during the long-game.

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Well, I use Presearch with DSearch... Haven't used Google's search engine for more than a year now.

The point I was trying to make is not necessarily about them. Because they parse our front ends. How many of our front ends could afford to pay for full node access? And maybe users of the popular interfaces would support their own activity, but what about outside access?

Yes, I understand what you say about Web 3 and paying for everything while making a lot more and owning your stuff.

Full Web 3 is still quite far from now in my opinion. Remember, MOST users online haven't heard, not to mention used Hive while it is in this state of subsidized activity through almost free resource credits.

Maybe it's too soon for Pay to Use?

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