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To start, we've broken out of the potentially bearish ascending triangle into the upward channel. Full confirmation comes when we break $16k. I imagine traders will stay inside the ultra-bullish channel for a while unless the market gets extremely impatient and goes full FOMO.

There's still a chance the market goes crazy on November 14th but the ascending channel gives another option for big players to simply continue day-trading within the confines of these boundaries. On the other hand, considering the time of year it is, breaking $16k might just send us flagging up to the next level ($17k-$18k), upward channel be damned. No dip November is in full effect.

The reason I bring up this speculation is that I want people to start thinking about where the market might be in a month. We can't allow ourselves to get trapped in moon-FOMO over the next four weeks only to HOLD during a potentially imminent flash crash.


The American People have spoken.

Please welcome your new president: Kamala Harris!

That's right, Joe Biden is a lame duck in every sense of the word. My liberal superpowers are strong, and I can tell after watching a single speech that no one gives a damn about Joe Biden. He starts talking and everyone rolls their eyes. Give me more Kamala Harris.



Considering both Kamala and Joe are strong supporters of the prison industrial complex, this should work out perfectly as we head into our new normal.

Will QAnon's literal-Messiah Donald J. Trump come to drain the swamp and banish those demonic child-raping monsters back to the hell they came from?

Uh, no... because he's a reality-TV actor.
Sorry friends.


Let's be fucking honest...

It is embarrassing that so many people think that this fucking turd is the selfless hero that's going to save us all. Seriously though, if the real Jesus pops his head up (bets on Satoshi Nakamoto; check out the 19th post I ever made on Steemit) you QAnon guys are gonna be super embarrassed. It's okay, I have it on good authority that Jesus is the forgiving sort. Abandon your false idols.


Trump Fires Mark Esper, Defense Secretary Who Opposed Use of Troops on U.S. Streets

What's a Defense Secretary?


So Trump loses the election (fairly or not) and he decides this is a good time to change the leader of the military industrial complex? Hm. How are we supposed to interpret that?

First off, how much does this guy get paid?




Seriously this should give you guys some idea of what we are dealing with here. I know everyone says politicians are paid too much, but they obviously aren't paid enough. When an experienced software developer can easily make double the salary of the leaders of the military industrial complex, something is very wrong.


The Children's Table of Politics

Politicians are designed to be bribed.

Because we don't pay politicians enough, they are essentially forced into turning their power into money and/or backdoor favors. Again, the mainstream narrative is that politicians are in charge, but the actual reality of the situation is far far more complicated than that. The web of rules and relationships involved is far too tangled to be fully understood by anyone.

Back to the Times article.

Trump Fires Mark Esper, Defense Secretary Who Opposed Use of Troops on U.S. Streets

First off, I think that it's interesting that the Times, a left-leaning mainstream powerhouse would flirt with the idea that Trump is trying to get the National Guard on the streets and declare martial law. Why would they do this? Very strange.



Okay so maybe they aren't as left wing as I thought.
What do I know?


Two White House officials said later on Monday that Mr. Trump was not finished, and that Christopher A. Wray, the F.B.I. director, and Gina Haspel, the C.I.A. director, could be next in line to be fired. Removing these senior officials — in effect decapitating the nation’s national security bureaucracy — would be without parallel by an outgoing president who has just lost re-election.

So I was actually supposed to write this post sooner, but now that more time has passed we can get on what's happened since then.


We can see that the calamity is continuing.

Trump is posturing like he's going to take over the country via coup. The problem with this is that a successful coup by Trump is nearly impossible. The only way to do it would be to have extreme backing by the Deep State, which is exactly the opposite of what all the QAnon conspiracy theorists are projecting.

See the problem here is that Trump is no military leader. He does not inspire the confidence of the top brass, and instead caters to his white supremist and conspiracy theory fanbase. I'll say again: the only way Trump can declare martial law is if he has a very powerful puppet-master pulling his strings. He is no Julius Caesar. He is no general. He knows nothing about battle tactics or how to organize the kinds of garrisons and lockdowns required for a nation-wide lockdown.

Logistically, this issue is very simple. The right-wing is already against lockdown. They've been trained to resist the left's attempt to control everything right down to which businesses are allowed to be open right down to travel restrictions and requiring masks and scanning and whatever else comes down the road. As always the right and left are pitted against each other so that they will not unite against the real enemy.


So now that we have that established, what's going to happen if Trump steals the election back and tries to lockdown every city in the country? I'll tell you what's going to happen: the pitchfork people and the torch people are going to unite and be like, "Okay, fuck you, you're done."

Seriously though if Trump actually tries to coup this country he's going to be made an example of. I'm talking like public hanging... tortured until death status. That shit will not fly. That's grand treason of the highest order.

That's exactly why it can't happen. He's a professional actor, and he is doing what he is told and/or expected to do: Flip the board-game like a child, take his ball and go home. Everyone at the top has cut him off and he has no allies left. His actions are that of a petulant child pretending as if he can beat up dad in a fight. He can not.


“President Trump’s decision to fire Secretary Esper out of spite is not just childish, it’s also reckless,” said Representative Adam Smith, Democrat of Washington and the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. “It has long been clear that President Trump cares about loyalty above all else, often at the expense of competence, and during a period of presidential transition, competence in government is of the utmost importance.”

Honestly, I have to wonder if this is all part of the plan. What will the Democrats do once they get into office? Are they going to reverse a lot of this shit that Trump is doing or are they going to allow those yes-men appointments to stand? It's quite possible that the Democrats want him to make these crazy changes so that they can quietly keep them in place to enforce the coming police state.

Again, he's a reality TV show actor.

Remember that, always. Because while everyone on the left thinks Trump is a complete moron fuckup it's actually just as likely that he's playing his part; a script that expects him to hyperinflate his worst qualities, by design on purpose. He's not dumb; guy knows what he's doing.

Defense Department officials have privately expressed worries that the president might initiate operations, whether overt or secret, against Iran or other adversaries during his last days in office.

“In my experience, there would only be a few reasons to fire a secretary of defense with 72 days left in an administration,” Representative Elissa Slotkin, Democrat of Michigan and a former Pentagon official in the Obama administration, said in a statement.

“One would be incompetence or wrongdoing, which do not seem to be the issue with Secretary Esper,” she said. “A second would be vindictiveness, which would be an irresponsible way to treat our national security. A third would be because the president wants to take actions that he believes his secretary of defense would refuse to take, which would be alarming. Whatever the reason, casting aside a secretary of defense during the volatile days of transition seems to neglect the president’s most important duty: to protect our national security.”

I'm going to go with "none of the above". He is posturing for #3 while actually just being a bit of #2 (vindictive child). In all likelihood, these changes could be exactly what the Biden administration wants. These people are not enemies; they are friends.


It wasn't that long ago that Trump was a democratic liberal saying liberal shit and buddy buddying it up. Seriously though, these guys are all friends. They are at the top playing a game. We are the chess pieces, and while some of them may get salty over who wins and who loses, most of them say "good game" to each other at the end of the day. It is the pieces that always lose. We are the pieces.

In all likelihood, Trump is currently in the middle of rage-flipping the board, be it emotionally or because that's what his character, as an actor playing his part, would do.

“A move like this probably sends a chill through the senior ranks of the military,” Nicholas J. Rasmussen, a former top counterterrorism official in the Bush and Obama administrations, said in an email. “Not because of anything about Chris Miller personally, though it’s a highly unconventional choice, to be sure. But simply because a move like this contributes to a sense of instability and unstable decision-making at exactly the time when you want to avoid sending that kind of message around the world.”

It was always Trump's job to destabilize the government as much as possible. He has done a very very good job. The real tells will come when we see what the Kamala administration does in the wake of all this nonsense. It will be very telling as to their intentions if they leave some of Trump's appointments standing tall because they "don't want to destabilize the government more than it already is". Those words would be doublespeak for, "This is exactly who we wanted to fill this position."

Trump administration removes senior defense officials and installs loyalists, triggering alarm at Pentagon

The flurry of changes, announced by the Department of Defense in a statement roughly 24 hours after President Donald Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, have put officials inside the Pentagon on edge and fueled a growing sense of alarm among military and civilian officials, who are concerned about what could come next.

"This is scary, it's very unsettling," one defense official told CNN. "These are dictator moves."

Funny because again, reality TV show actor.
Guy doesn't know how to be a real dictator.

Pentagon sees flurry of resignations after Trump ousts secretary

The resignations “could mark the beginning of a process of gutting the DoD – something that should alarm all Americans,” Smith said in a statement released after Anderson departed.

Trump administration upends senior Pentagon ranks, installing loyalists

An administration official said late Tuesday that Trump remains determined to withdraw troops around the world before leaving office.

Another administration official said the moves were requested by the White House and constituted a Pentagon takeover by Trump’s National Security Council staff. They coincide with ongoing debates about the pace of troop withdrawals from several countries, including Afghanistan and Somalia.

“POTUS never appreciated that the military wasn’t political, and still doesn’t,” one senior White House official said. “Most of the fights Esper had with him were about the politicization of the military.”

Exactly, read the above quote multiple times. This is the Defense Secretary on record as saying that Imperialism and world enslavement has always been a bi-partisan issue. Both the left and the right agree on how the world should be controlled. Trump is pissing off everyone with his actions.

We have to ask ourselves: "Why are the markets continuing to go up amid all this chaos?"

We all know that the market does not like uncertainty. In all honestly, the market probably is being suppressed and it would be soaring even higher if this stuff wasn't going down. No-dip-November strong.

What’s next? Saturday’s election verdict isn’t last step

Saturday’s election verdict isn’t the last step in selecting an American president. Under a system that’s been tweaked over two centuries, there is still a weekslong timeline during which the 538-member Electoral College picks the president.

Save the date: December 8th

— Dec. 8 is the deadline for resolving election disputes at the state level. All state recounts and court contests over presidential election results are to be completed by this date.

— Dec. 14: Electors vote by paper ballot in their respective states and the District of Columbia. Thirty-three states and D.C. have laws or party regulations requiring electors to vote the same way the popular vote goes in the state, and in some states, electors can even be replaced or subjected to penalties, according to the Congressional Research Service. The votes for president and vice president are counted and the electors sign six “Certificates of the Vote.” The certificates, along with other official papers, are sent by registered mail to various officials, including the president of the Senate.

— Dec. 23: The certificates must be delivered to the designated officials. If they are not delivered, the law provides alternative avenues for getting the results to Washington.

--6 January 2021: the House and Senate hold a joint session to count the electoral votes. If one ticket has received 270 or more electoral votes, the president of the Senate, currently vice-president Mike Pence, announces the results.

— Jan. 20: The president-elect is sworn into office on Inauguration Day.

I believe these dates are of EXTREME IMPORTANCE.

On December 7th, the market will be extremely uncertain about what's going to happen. Then on December 8th the market will get confirmation that Biden won and the market will push higher.

On December 13th, the market will be extremely uncertain about how many faithless-electors are going to vote for Trump even though the states they're in voted for Biden. Electors that do not vote Biden in the required states will be fined and/or replaced. There is pretty much no way Trump will be able to win enough electors in this way to actually become the president legitimately.

Even if Trump flipped Pennsylvania Biden would still have 270 elector votes. In all likelihood that will not happen, and Georgia is going to flip blue as well giving him another 16 votes on top of that. This election is over. Biden won. "Fair and square".

Members of Congress may object to returns from any state as they are announced. Objections must be made in writing by at least one member of the House and one in the Senate. If the objection meets certain requirements, each chamber meets separately to debate the objection for a maximum of two hours. Afterward, each chamber votes to accept or reject the objection. Back in joint session, the results of the respective votes are announced. Any objection to a state’s electoral vote has to be approved by both houses in order for any contested votes to be excluded.

We see here that even if we get faithless electors, the House and Senate will overturn them regardless. It probably won't even come to that, as any state that allows faithless electors to vote the wrong way will almost certainly incite riots in every blue stronghold city of that state.

Donald Trump Is Fighting the Election Results—With an Eye on What Comes Next

A person who speaks to Trump frequently said he believes Trump’s fight, as disruptive as it is, is a way for him to posture for what comes next. If Trump doesn’t prevail in his legal challenges and leaves office, as many aides are anticipating, Trump can use a new leadership political action committee (leadership PAC) to fund candidates of his choosing and potentially pay for political travel and events he might want to do after leaving office—or launch a 2024 presidential campaign, says the person close to Trump.

Exactly this.

Trump is going to lose. He's not going to declare martial law. He is playing his part as he transitions into his new job. What's his new job? I don't know... when you have millions of people who think you are the literal Messiah I'm guessing you start some sort of cult and profit from your followers, just like all cult leaders do.

In the meantime, his campaign’s email and text message spam lists have been going full bore to raising money to pay off the more than $1.2 million in campaign debts that was already on the books three weeks before Election Day. That debt likely ballooned in the final weeks of the campaign as Trump’s fundraising haul trailed Biden’s and his campaign tried to fend off being swamped by Biden television ads, says Republican pollster Frank Luntz. In addition, Luntz adds, “he needs money to fight these court cases.”

In the 48 hours after Biden was projected to have won the presidency, the Trump campaign sent more than 53 versions of emails to supporters asking them to donate to his legal defense fund. The barrage of fundraising emails to donate to his legal battles have come under the names of Trump himself, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, the “Election Defense Task Force,” “TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP,” and the “Trump Election Defense Fund.”

According to the fine print at the bottom of the emails soliciting donations, not all the money contributed by supporters will go towards litigation efforts to ensure election integrity and “counting all legal ballots.” Instead, at least half of the funds contributed by each supporter to some solicitations goes towards paying off the Trump campaign’s debts.

Oh man... this just keeps getting better and better.

He's going to take your money and just use it to pay off his debt. Man, Trump is the ultimate capitalist. He's burning a lot of bridges. Good thing he's got millions of zealot followers that will always love him. He needs it.

The fundraising emails seem to have been hastily put together, wavering between cajoling and bullying supporters into chipping in. Some tried to appeal gently to supporters with subject lines like “Everything we’ve worked for” and “We’ve come so far.” Another took a different tack, warning: “This is your FINAL NOTICE. So far, you’ve ignored all our emails asking you to join us in DEFENDING THE ELECTION. You’ve ignored Team Trump, Eric, Lara, Don, the Vice President AND you’ve even ignored the President of the United States.”

haha... jesus.

To get an idea of how absurdly scrambling Trump is scurrying around, check out @themarkymark's post on how bad the server security is on the donations/voter fraud page they set up so hastily. It's an absolute joke; further proof that he has no plan and has no idea what the fuck he is doing.

Attorney General William Barr told prosecutors to investigate allegations of voting irregularities before results are certified, ignoring 40 years of precedent to not interfere during an election and prompting the department’s top elections prosecutor to resign.

Destabilize destabilize destabilize.

I think I see a pattern here.


This poll from August 2020 shows simultaneously why Trump can't win the election fairly or via a coup. The military does not support him. He done fucked up. You see, when the military preyed on all those poor and underprivileged people back in the day, those people entered the military.

Guess who those people are? Women. Homosexuals. Blacks, browns, and minorities. AKA people that don't vote republican on average. Trump has been shitting on the military for the last 4 years while expecting them to vote for him. Well, guess what? They aren't. In fact the numbers are coming out and they are even worse for Trump than this poll taken in August 2020. Way more military folks are voting Biden than what was expected. Call it voter fraud if you want; I call it obvious cultural statistics.

US Election 2020: when will military ballots be counted in Georgia?

When Donald Trump, on election night Tuesday 3 November demanded that vote counting stopped when polls closed, he inadvertently dismissed the absentee ballots of military personnel as well as their spouses, which must, by law, be counted.

And then, in a by-now-completely-predictable move, the president did a U-turn just when it suited him.



Yesterday, Friday 7 November, three days after polls closed, was the deadline for military ballots in Georgia to be received. This is completely normal, there is nothing suspicious or out of the ordinary about it.

However, a Military Times poll completed in August, which took the temperature of the political views of active duty service members, found support for Trump had fallen significantly, from 46% in 2016 to just under 38%. In fact, more service members said they would vote for former Vice President Joe Biden than Trump.

Looking to future elections, advocates are concerned about the possible long term effect of Trump's “mail ballot fraud” narrative on the trust that the military electorate hold in the absentee voting process many of them use.

“These military ballots could indeed be pivotal,” said Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, president and CEO of Overseas Vote, an advocacy initiative of the nonprofit U.S. Vote Foundation. “Even one military ballot not counted is a loss to our nation. I see it as shameful and a lost opportunity for legislators and courts to be tightening up the ballot-receiving deadlines for military voters."

Yes, you are reading this correctly. Trump is simultaneously demanding the military's vote while trying to enforce policy that would nullify their votes. Yeah, he's a moron. Again, OOPS!

But excruciatingly tight races are not unheard of. In Florida in 2000, George W. Bush defeated Al Gore by just 537 votes.

This is how close the election needs to be in order to overturn a state. No evidence of fraud will be uncovered, just like always (even if it happened). The system will not permit itself to be undermined. There is no possible way a recount is going to somehow flip the script in Trump's favor.

Can Trump count on the military to vote Republican in 2020? Millennials bring shift

For decades, the majority white male U.S. military has been largely Republican — but the 2020 vote is a lot less predictable, election experts, former officers and military advocacy groups said.

President Donald Trump is responsible for some of the shift, they said, due to erratic public policy changes he’s announced by tweet, his volatile public falling out with former Marine Corps Generals James Mattis and John Kelly and his disparaging remarks about war heroes, including late Sen. John McCain.>

How do we think the military is responding to Trump appointing his puppets to the DOJ after military personnel voted to remove Trump from office? Probably not taking it too well. Again, this is all make believe reality TV being brought to you direct. Don't worry, it will all be over soon.

You see? All better now, You needed US. You needed us to feel safe. We made the bad orange man go away, now get back to your boring lives and make us some money.
-- Deep State Elite

Back to military sentiment

“What you have seen in probably the last 10 years is that they are increasingly less partisan and they are identifying less with the political parties and are more issue-oriented,” said Marine Corps veteran Dan Caldwell, executive director of the conservative-leaning Concerned Veterans for America.

Former SEAL Team Six leader Robert O’Neill was part of the raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and is a Trump supporter. He recently had to push back on Trump when the president retweeted a QAnon conspiracy theory that bin Laden wasn’t really dead.

“I’ve met most of the Trump family, I’ve had dinner at the White House with President Trump and I know he loves the military — there’s no doubt in my mind,” O’Neill said. “I know morale really went up when he was elected. But stuff like [the QAnon conspiracy] it’s just an unnecessary retweet. Someone as president of the United States should be a little more careful.”

Military and QAnon are on a different page.

Funny how the QAnon folks think the military is on their side for some reason. Prepare to be disappointed on inauguration day, just like I was in 2000 with the Bush election and the obvious Diebold voting machine scam.

Watch the world celebrate as Trump loses.

At 1:25 everyone is partying in New York. At 19:00 30 seconds of footage is shown of other celebrations, and somewhere else (can't find it) even London was having a fireworks celebration... for an AMERICAN president being defeated. Legendary.

So when people say it's suspicious that 144M people voted in an election for a "lame duck" president, that narrative doesn't really make sense. I'll admit, 144M people voting is suspicious, but if any election was going to get that many votes, it was going to be this one.

Think Trump can take back the election after the ENTIRE WORLD celebrated his defeat and he has zero backing from the military? Think again.

No one is going to allow that to happen.
Move on.
It won't be as bad as you anticipate.
I lived it in 2000.
Get ready for the next 9-11 level event and lockdown to continue.

With prominent Republicans, including President Donald Trump, attempting to restrict mail-in ballots from being counted through juridical maneuverings, many U.S. military service members serving overseas are concerned that they may be disenfranchised should Republicans win in court.

Of the uniformed service members who voted in the 2018 general election, nearly 80% returned their ballots by mail.

"Unfortunately, I see this administration and the Trump campaign as determined" to dispute ballots received after election day, Brown said. He warned that what he viewed as the disenfranchisement of military voters "will have a negative impact on the motivation to serve."


The results are in: Trump lost and there is nothing he can do about it except try to fleece his supporters into paying for his campaign and bullshit lawsuits while he peacocks for his zealous conspiracy theory QAnon base. I can only imagine the crazy shit he's going to do once he gets out of the Whitehouse and has this community in his back pocket.

This is all part of the plan. Trust the plan. Trump knows he is going to lose and may even be helping the Biden Harris administration by destabilizing the government. These actions will make it much easier for the left to justify lockdown and continue this fake state of emergency. Pay very close attention to what the administration does after they come into power. How many of Trump's puppets will they allow to remain in office?

December and January are going to be insanely volatile and unstable months for the economy and the entire government. Make sure to set appropriate stop-losses so if something batshit crazy actually does happen you're safe. Remember, this is 2020 after all.

Dates of note:

  • — Dec. 8 is the deadline for resolving election disputes

  • — Dec. 14: Electors vote by paper ballot

  • — Dec. 23: The certificates must be delivered.

  • — Jan 6: the House and Senate hold a joint session

  • — Jan. 20: Inauguration Day.

Luckily, I believe that the absolute longest this local bubble can last is mid January. Therefore, if Bitcoin is trading at something crazy like I expect ($30k-$64k) we can all take a lot of gains with the intention of buying back in late February without even having to wait around for the market security of Biden being elected.

If something super crazy does happen (another 9/11 or COVID level event via American martial law & coup) then I would expect Bitcoin to flash crash to half of the doubling curve like it did last time. This puts Bitcoin at a value of $6400 at the end of December. Again, I would expect the market to recover in less than a month. So buying at this level is an "automatic" x2 gain in four weeks or less. Might be a silver lining to the worst-case scenario.

We are moving into a period of time where the velocity of money is at all time lows but Christmas time will bring us to an extreme local high. The chance for a devastating flash crash after Q4 is very high in my opinion. These are very uncertain and risky times not only for the market, but for the world as a whole across the board. Stay safe.

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