Seriously Though: What's up with @dan?

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Just look at those piercing blue eyes!

What a sexy beast.

What an appropriate time to make inappropriate comments like I'm John Oliver via Adam Driver.

Okay, I'm done with that bit, I think.

Starting it off with a bang.

Seriously though

The creator of Bitshares, Steem, and EOS is quite the enigma.


What's his endgame?

What's his angle?
What's he really thinking?
Is he a crypto idealist or a corporate lapdog?
Is he a Trojan Horse or a boon for any network he touches?
Is he just fickle and whimsical and likes starting new things?

Who knows?

I felt the need to eventually field this question because no one else seems to be touching it with a ten-foot pole (for good reason). @dan left Steem, presumably because @ned is a ridiculous man-child with no vision, but also because he wanted to break free of Graphene's limitations and single-threaded nature.

Plus Condenser! Oh my stars!

I mean I get it. I've built plenty of things where I'm like, "Shit, I spent a lot of time on this but if I had the option, I'd start from ground zero with a fresh slate." Trying to untangle a spaghetti factory is harder than just starting over a lot of the time. Especially when the thing you just built is decentralized and doesn't even technically belong to you anymore. How frustrating!


This isn't working... I should start over...


He's got something in his front pocket, for you!
Wow I guess I wasn't done; I surprise even myself.
Seriously though that's a real song: I blame the South Park reference.

There's no such thing as a free phone.
The cake is a lie.
@edicted's brain is broken: Try again later.

Hours later...

Let's get down to business!

@dan is the kind of guy that goes 110% all day every day focus-fired on one thing until he burns out and starts the next thing. He's got a lot of gas in the tank and remarkable stamina for being able to stick with it so long and actually get shit done. Once the thing is done though he'll move on to the next thing as long as it stands on its own two feet. That's just how it is.


Back in Summer 2016 he was rocking Steem something pretty fierce as we can see. $9000 payout for "Groundbreaking Account Recovery Solution". Funny huh? How we just take account recovery for granted. It truly is a groundbreaking solution that adds security without adding any attack vectors to the network. The recovery account can only help you recover your account, and can't conspire to steal it. Pretty smort.

Old news

But as we see on March 15, 2017 @dan left to go do the EOS thing. He worked on that for quite a while eh? Six days ago he declared his resignation from Block.One on the Hive blockchain.

What's Next for EOS, ETH, and BTC?

Now, for those of us that don't speak @dan this post is probably quite confusing. You have to know a lot about global politics, servers, regulations, decentralization, etc. to even begin to understand it.


I just had an idea for EOS and I've been working on it for 48 hours straight like a boss.

You can tell from the post that his mind is still unravelling from the gravity of quitting Block.One. All the reasons it failed and all the reasons he quit are just lurking in the background going unsaid. He talks quite a bit about EOS for someone who just quit and is now posting on Hive about it. Nothing new there.

What else does he talk about?

Lastly, anyone building anything that results in economic profit and loss imposes tax consequences on their users. Tokens like Voice or Hive create tax events every time they change hands. This is why I decline rewards when I post on Hive, they are not worth the tax accounting. With the growing sophistication of the tax authorities and the loss of privacy, none of these token-based ecosystems / platforms stand a chance unless they automatically do all of the tax calculations and boil it down to a 1099. The only way to automate such calculations is to have full knowledge of every purchase price and sale price. Such things are not possible if users are trading on multiple exchanges in a decentralized manner.

The previous four posts did not have declined rewards.


You gonna make a tax aggregator for Hive so everyone pays theirs properly? Make sure the government get's theirs? I wish you would! That would certainly settle the crypto idealist vs corporate lapdog debate in one fell swoop.

JK he won't do that...

@dan doesn't work on boring stuff.
All-in on passion-projects only.

Mostly the post is about how even DPOS can't scale. DPOS was supposed to be this epic scaling solution, and it is: compared to the "competition", but at the same time any "dapp" that wants to scale up to tens of millions of active users is going to be forced to create centralized solutions that are subject to regulations. Of course I'm still holding out hope that second layer off-chain stuff and torrents are going to eliminate a lot of that burden but that's a discussion for another time.


Hostile Takeover

The point here is @dan looked up for a second and noticed that: wow the Hive community is still around. That's pretty crazy! How'd they do it?

No thanks to you, @dan!

Unless he's playing grandmaster 4D chess and did this all on purpose, @dan is pretty much the reason that the ninjamine existed and had the ability to elect every consensus witness. Steem was basically weak by design and bound to get taken over in a hostile manner. I maintain that this was just simple greed and the need to maintain control of the project one had built.

Trust me: I get it.

Most creators fall into the same category. No one wants to build something they're passionate about and then trust other people to manage it. Why risk it? The chance of corruption is high.

Still, no apology?

He centralized the network out of greed and the need to control it, to the point of restarting the entire chain so that he could get that ninjamine just right. Then he designed consensus so that the ninjamine could elect 30 top witnesses based off the stake of one account.

The icing on the cake was all the claims about how DPOS is more decentralized than POW because each witness controls exactly 5% of the network while mining pools are much worse... even though one account can elect all witnesses.

Remember this? Pepperidge Farm remembers...


So Which validators are more decentralized!??!?!!11

The answer is POW!

The tradeoff is decentralization vs scaling; you know this.
You can't have both.
I get it, I really do, but you can stop getting high off your own supply.
I will allow it.
We've had enough of that nonsense.

proof of brain.jpg

Proof-of-brain isn't a thing!

Try again, buddy...

This is an issue between ideals and real-world implementation.
It never works out the way you think it will.

Water under the bridge.

It's not the things that @dan says that are alarming most of the time; it's the things he doesn't say. Truthfully, I'm willing to give the guy a lot of slack when it comes to social dynamics, because when your brain is operating on a certain wavelength, particular nuances are going to go right over your head. I know all too well how that goes. Yikes!

So what does Hive want to hear?

  • Sorry I centralized your chain into oblivion and got you guys attacked by the most obvious vector.
    • I was worried of losing control of my project, the exact thing that happened to me on Bitshares, and ironically it happened again in spite of the ninjamine.
  • EOS is crap: JK I love all my children equally (not really though)
  • Hive to the moon: let's go!
No one expects any of this to happen.

It would just be crazy if it did. As THE lead dev and founder of the project in addition to all the other experience, I'm gonna go ahead and make a wild guess that @dan is about x10 a normal dev. Sure would be nice if he started building on Hive again. Perhaps he needs more convincing. We have all the time in the world.


What is the Hive community?

Something @dan might not realize: what he left behind in 2017 is nothing like what Hive is today. Hive has serious abandonment issues, but those issues are nothing compared to the betrayals and outright corruption and garbage we've been trying to route out of the network... all the while simultaneously attempting to coax and foster other devs to build here. We are spread thin, but still not even on our last legs.

Hive has staying-power.

Hive is a primary example of an entity that should not exist: a network that refuses to die.

Do you know what a 99% drop in value does to a corporation? Completely 100% destroys it, or guts it enough to get bought out by a vulture capitalist on the cheap (JSUN: say not The Defiler's name!). That's what happened to the precious Steemit Inc. We will miss you, good riddance!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

Do you know what a 99% drop in value does to a network? To a community? What sickening adversity does to a ride-or-die group?

They ride... or die!

And we are a ridin'.


We are in the: "hard times create strong men" phase (ignore obvious sexism). We are in a consolidation period. The fat and muscle have been stripped away and all that remains are blood, sweat, tears, bone, sinew, and skin in the game.

There's no more sugar left.

It's all piss and vinegar.

meat grinder money coins.jpg

The meat grinder has been turned on for 3 years.

And what came out the other end?


Smite all the non-believers!

Hive to the moon!

Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if it's your own!

I believe!

My life for Aiur!

Oops! Too far!

The point is that while this is an inclusive network and everyone is welcome, few will be trusted. Link Marines and the XRP Army have nothing on us (although looks like XRP is catching up). If you thought sports fans were nuts, just wait until such zealotry has a monetary incentive and DIEHARD community behind it.


Lord Kazzak Must DIE!

Hive no longer has leaders: it has voices. Some are louder than others. Ask anyone around these parts who the biggest zealot is. Who's the most ride or die person on the network with the most influence and persona? I don't even have to say the name, everyone already knows. That's how tight we are here at this point.

The zealots of Hive are inspiring. When I look around and see my peers I say to myself, "Yes, this is my team, and I am proud." The ragtag rebels continue to work on rocket. Hive to the moon. Abundance for everyone. @dan is not a part of the team yet... but he could be without that much effort. Unfortunately he strikes me as an all-or-nothing type guy. There is no in-between. Same with all of us: we get it.

Correct me if I'm wrong... but aren't you like, rich now?

Didn't you successfully launch a BILLION dollar ICO? Haven't you been working like nonstop for like however many years as one of the most experienced blockchain devs/executives in the space? Aren't you a huge Bitcoin bull of top of all of that? I assume Block.One resources went into Bitcoin for a reason. Now worth $5B.

And you have the audacity to come here, shilling your other projects (which is fine), on the founding account, claiming to be impressed by this community's progress, resilience, and decentralization, without actually putting any money where your mouth is? None huh? $0?

What if I told you buying Hive with USD wasn't a tax event? Would you buy some then?


Tom Hanks is in trouble now!

There must have been a miscommunication somewhere.

Because something doesn't add up when the guy who makes $12,000 a year has 3x the stake of the founder. It's not that we're asking for handouts... oh no... we are way way way past that point. It's that when you come back to this network as such a wishy-washy cryptic enigma that is so classically on-brand for The @dan, how can we possibly take that seriously?

Simply put:

Something doesn't quite add up here.
It takes a lot to earn trust these days.


Oh no! A trademark violation!

Lawsuit Pending


Truly, this is a guy who just keeps going and going and going. Apparently the next project down the line is a book:

More Equal Animals Book Released

Consider for a moment that everything you think you know just might be wrong or incomplete.

Oh oh, I've heard this before!

Like a splinter in your mind: driving you mad.

... A prison... for your mind.

So yeah one of my witness partners is reading it now, and apparently it is classic @dan at his most @dan.

Commentary, you ask?

I'm reading the book between doing other things. On page 74 and wondering if he's ever going to get to the point

this thing is dan af

I have spent the past decade experimenting with
technologies designed to be resistant to capture by small groups


If that was his goal, then I'd say he's failed miserably at every attempt


Proof of Stake blockchains, like the ones I
have created, tend to select for the wealthy and
cryptocurrency exchanges which manage deposits of other people’s tokens


at least he's honest about it


jfc dan
page 100: so everything I said for the past 100 pages doesn't really matter



... larimer always falls for the same damn trap: he builds a world in his head and fails to understand how people would use it differently than he imagined

Love it!

You heard it here first folks! This book is the most @dan thing that ever @dan'ed. Expect the world bringer to keep stacking um up so we can knock em down.


I see dead crypto!


Remember this movie? Spoiler alert: Samuel L. Jackson creates a bunch of disasters on purpose and kills a lot of people just so he can find his foil: the Unbreakable Bruce Willis. Immune to all harm and sickness. That's what us old people call the Shyamalan Twist. Year 2000 didn't have Netflix. They can't all be winners.

So is Hive the Bruce Willis to @dan's Samuel L? I guess we'll find out one of these days. After surviving multiple betrayals including a brutal hostile takeover I'm feeling pretty Unbreakable.


There's a reason no one really talks about @dan quitting Block.One or starting to post again on Hive. His motives are totally unknown, and the chance that he would actually commit to building real value for this community again after all this time is pretty low.

No one really wants to come out and be like: F-@dan that abandoner can suck rocks, as many of us still have great respect for the founder and inventor of the entire consensus algorithm we are still using to this day. At the same time no one is going to be like yay @dan is back he'll fix everything, because that's obviously not going to happen either.

We remain cautiously optimistic.

Sure, it might feel like a small victory that @dan quit Block.One and started shilling his next project on Hive. No matter what happens, it will be interesting. What happens next? Looks like you finished the book. What now?

Users on Hive are salty and grizzled and it's not like we're just going to get our hopes up because the founder pops in to talk about EOS, scaling, regulations, taxes, and a book that is apparently a random stream of consciousness as it relates to overall generic governance.

There's a lot of untapped potential floating around on Hive (nothing new there). The next two years will be pinnacle. Getting new users during a mega-bull run is easy; it's retaining those users during the inevitable crash that's tough. Maybe @dan will have something to contribute; maybe he won't.

It doesn't matter either way.

The zealots of Hive will grind forward regardless.
For The Swarm!

Also, what's Hive's Sexual Harassment Policy?

Can someone have an HR rep email me?


Step on my throat... you rudely large man!

Break my fingers... you brooding mountain!

Wow! I'm the worst.
What's wrong with me?

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