The price is wrong: Bitch!

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So I'm on vacation now...

Trying to write a post on my phone.
Not my cup of tea.

In any case, there's not much to be said.
Number go up.
That's great. Right?

I mean, sure, seeing my net worth top out at $400k is a bit mind-blowing. That's been the plan for the last 3 years: wait out the bear market till Q4 2021. Here we are and I am not disappointed.

However, this is a bittersweet transition, as I find myself completely priced out of the market. How could I possibly justify buying Hive at these inflated prices when I so aggressively stacked the obviously crucial 10-25 cent range?

That being said this is quite a mind-trap. At the core level I'm either bearish or bullish. Either the price is going up or the price is going down, right? Doesn't matter if Hive is $100. If it's going to $200 I should buy more. My previous buying patterns should not be considered in this decision.

But that's not how the human brain works. It's very hard to justify buying a token at x10 the previous accumulation range. Unit bias and irrational emotions in this market are largely unavoidable.

It's also not how decentralization works. If all the whales held and never sold, new users would be locked out of the fair market forever and power dynamics would remain stagnant instead of dynamic.

It's also impossible to buy more using my strategy of volatility trading and portfolio rebalancing. If anything I should be dumping my liquid Hive into Leo or Rune. Simply hodling Hive at these levels is basically the same as buying it considering the size of my bags and which communities I choose to support.


Number go up.