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I tag leofinance and proofofbrain in every post.

Sometimes I get shit for tagging leo 100% of the time because it's supposed to be financial niche. I suppose the worry here is that I'm milking the reward pool and siphoning off value from a common resource that perhaps I shouldn't get based on the ideals outlined in the community guidelines.

Then again I put way more value into LEO than I take out, so at a certain point that argument becomes pretty irrelevant. This is especially true when considering that I use the tags to decentralize tokens to those who comment on my work. I pay for engagement out of my own pocket, and I use all three of my stacks to do it (Hive/LEO/POB).


Certainly there's also at least one person that doesn't realized I've tipped them with two different Hive engine tokens.
See for yourself.

Crypto is all about finding money you never knew you had.

Hopefully this helps someone.

And so, without further ado, I will now heavily upvote comments that either are "quality content" or just originate from account I recognize and have a rapport with. Reputation matters.

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