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Cryptocurrency litecoin gave up a 20% gain and tumbled back to earth following a fake press release sent out by GlobeNewswire that referenced a partnership with Walmart.



In fact, the entire market felt this one.




The sharks just tilted their hand pretty bad with that one. Think about how much money is out there, wanting to buy Bitcoin. Right now. Billions of dollars.

They all think they can fleece the sheep one more time with FUD, but I doubt it. At this point we are rock-bottom with only one bad week left to go before a mega-bull run begins in October. At such times we will be in the shallow foothills, as the real mountains show themselves in November, December, and January.



Supply shock at $44k is getting confirmed over and over and over again. This is a bear trap of epic proportions. Those who trust the 4-year cycle are about to get rewarded.

Honestly, at the end of this moon cycle, I will probably dabble in going long for the first time. Can you do it on Binance? I don't even know... never tried with VPN.


So many traps out there.

Even $100k is a huge trap. Expect a 20%-30% correction guaranteed around that area. I think this will happen in November. Then I win another bet with @yabapmatt.

Mega-bubble targets

My targets are based on the fact that Bitcoin is doubling every year quite consistently on the rock-bottom side. I call this the doubling curve. When graphed logarithmically this line turns linear.


yeah, not too shabby

We see that Bitcoin only dipped under the curve 2 times since 2013.

  1. From 2015 to 2016 in the wake of the 2014 Bear Market.
  2. COVID

This support line is the most reliable thing we have, hands down. going long there is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, we are x2 higher than the curve already so... that's an issue.

Mega-bubbles go x10-x15 higher than the doubling curve.

That's $250k-$375k at the next mega-bubble peak.
$100k is a fun little detour in November.
Mark my words, mortals!

I believe we are going to get the 4-year mega-bubble with year long devastating bear market. If I'm right I guess I'll be a multi-millionaire... easy. Guess I'll have money to pay for stuff. My witness team is thirsty.

Speaking of our @hextech witness team.

I'm also looking to pay @deathwing and @cadawg to get some shit done if I have the bankroll.

Shout out to @theycallmedan


Thanks for voting @hextech

We all really appreciate that and it personally makes me want to try harder. Just got to get settled and start my new life as a full time Hive dev/entrepreneur. Exciting times.


Amazon is still paying me $10 a week.
I'm not working there, as they've given me three months off in a row.
That's what I get instead of healthcare.
Very generous.

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