How KOIN is Spreading its Wings: BSC Liquidity Pool Established as of Today

Opening my Twitter app today, I stumbled upon the best thing ever! .... Ah well, maybe the next next next next next next best thing…

a HUGE opportunity for HIVE came my way last week :: Let's Group and Extend HIVE ecosystem Together

Last week a huge opportunity for HIVE and 3SPEAK (spknetwork) and possibly for Leo Finance and NFTshowroom, came my way. A new…

It IS possible! ... by The Nutty Columnist

...from 0 to 8$ in 2160000 seconds What? You read it right. A gigantic jump by a crypto token in just 25 days. Nothing to do with…

...still Very Clever and still not for me... by The Nutty Columnist

This week I received a text message from a dear friend, inviting me to this new crypto-based web browser with which we can earn Bitcoin.…

How can Smart Contract Execution and Transactions be for Free on the KOINOS Blockchain?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Almost by the day, new projects and blockchains are announced and born. Many of th

The Future of Decentralised Search is Growing Up

With all the hallelujah around new ATH for BTC and the jump-up for the HIVE and LEO tokens, I won't bore you with those ones. Time to…

Curiosity Killer: Wikipedia and Google - Curiosity Elixer: Anti Market movements of KOIN

Checking in with LEO, I have to talk about KOINOS. Again! On previous occasions I talked about my first mining experience ( post )…

23 Crypto Projects I follow / Read about the What and the Why

Since I'm devoting part of my daily time to crypto projects in the search of investment opportunities, I seem to be drawn into the whole…

Do you receive requests from Family and Friends about kinda Absurd Money making Offers?

For some reason, I do get them. More then once in a while. Just a few days ago, it was one of those offers to earn 2k$ in Bitcoin within…

Aeroplanes or BTC: All the Same - a Series of Decisions leading to Unwanted Situations

A very recent event led me to make a chain of stupid not well thought through actions resulting in an unwanted outcome. It is interesting…

Crazy Day for BTC: But who will win? The Hopes & Dreams or The Logic?

Isn't it funny when the market decides to get some fuel into Bitcoin, suddenly Twitter is full of bullish statements on this coin? Sure…

The Unexpected Guide into Technical Analyses : Your bedside companion for Investing and Trading

A few years ago I was introduced to TA (Technical Analyses). TA can be applied to any tradable asset and currency. It's a method giving an…

Q micro/macro blog : from Digital Nationalism and Anti-Intellectualism to Leo's microblogging service

Every single day I come across multiple topics that I like to write a post about for three reasons mainly. Because I think it is an…

Steady 30% Gain over Ether: Incredible!? {Long Term Staking Opportunity}

In this article, I like to give a first status update of an interesting project. A very interesting status update, if you ask me! Not so…

What is Social Network 3.0 & How can HIVE Lead the Transformation

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this article, I bring forward a definition for Web 3.0 and more, in particular, a definition for Socia
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Key Take Aways from HIVEFEST 2020 & My suggestions & My proposal to the Community

The annual Hivefest is for me always a great event for inspiration. Many people speak with all their passion about their apps (sorry:…

Could this be our Crypto Pension Plan?

For those who are in the crypto sphere for the long haul, I discovered this potentially interesting new financial product. It's kind of a…

SBD (Steem Backed Dollar) going through the Roof | What We can Learn from this

The Bittrex mobile App helps me to keep an eye on what is hot and not at any given moment in time. The Markets section of this app list…

CIRCLING was the name of the GAME to increase my LEO stack (approx 25% return)

The re-launch of wrapped LEO (wLEO) at Uniswap a few days ago, started a run on providing liquidity. In no time the counters shot up to…

LEO DEX: BUG Report / Some Suggestions Included

BUG Report LEO DEX This morning I realised LEO DEX doesn't show all the BUY and SELL orders. When more than one order with the exact…