RE: Hive: One Major Advantage Over Bitcoin And Ethereum

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I fully agree with you HIVE and similar blockchains having zero fees, are so much better positioned than those chains that require a fee to be paid. I still wonder why in the top 10 coins by market cap, many chains have tx fees. That said, I ran into more than a few discussions at Twitter with users that didn't understand how a chain can offer feeless transactions, ie these users didn't trust a feeless chain. Hence I concluded that we need to explain what feeless is and how this is achieved. We shall explain we need to lockup some base chain tokens to be able to experience the feeless behaviour of the chain. When I started to explain that part, some of the users started to turn their distrust into 'owww, ok, I understand' and 'that's not a bad way of implementation'. I believe we shall not only mention feeless but add the explanation of MANA to it, the need to hold (some) tokens to receive enough MANA to actually being able to transact on the chain. Also, I do hope we get Smart Contract support for HIVE, since this will give great potential in the DeFi space.

BTW, when HIVE would end up in the top 10, with today's market caps, this means something like 50 Billion market cap, which essentially means about 150$/HIVE, which means 23 Million to the witnesses, per month.Still a lot less to the tx fees paid to Ethereum miners, but becoming considerable :)

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