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I am so thrilled at the potential of Hive is manifesting through auspicious financial value il large part due to Huobi's adoption of our beloved crypto.

The fork did feel like an opportunity to throw a large portion of my crypto into Steem ahead of time.


Photo by Ewan Mc Tavish

I believe it was one of @jarvie's posts highlighting the advantages of purchasing some Splinterland cards right at that time which made sense to me. I invested my newly acquired Steem there fearing a drop in price before it could reactivate in the exchanges.

I have never powered down since 2016 so I feel good about seizing an opportunity at the expense of Justin Sun (who is not high on my people list right now), while remaining loyal to this community.

It was difficult day trading at the height of the crypto boom but I learned a lot from my mistakes and especially that there will be more mistakes. It is no goal of mine to day trade again but moving value around somehow helps me feel empowered in a world where I have come to feel extremely small.

For years, my MO was to reinvest everything back into this blockchain in order to one day, create a modest revenue stream. Perhaps I am a little closer to this than I thought.

Splinterland cards are non fungible tokens, as such, they depend on strong consistent branding to retain their value, much like a renown figurine company. Unlike figurines, they always remain in mint condition and can be traded seamlessly. Hell, if I stop playing I can even rent them to other players without worrying about getting it back.

Here are a few purchases I made with Justin's Steem after reading this powerful insight about the fork.

This passive tank is a joy with a low mana cost for both your high and low mana games. It is good to have in front of your actual tank in a high mana battle.

With Prince Rennyn you get "crazy pussy"
Only being a Sarah Silverman reference makes it ok for me to say.

Apparently this card got nerfed, let me know in the comments what it was like before. Never mind!!! this pic is outdated, the -1 health is the nerf.

Last but not least, we have an alpha legendary, talk about store of value, that shit will never go down. (not financial advice)

Skin in the game is the name of the dame. It is one of the most interesting aspects about gamifying social media. There comes a time to talk about money more plainly. For example, I really thought that Hemp Coin would become a coin of the future and look at it now.

Somehow, the former Steem community now Hive have shined with their selflessness, work ethic and inclusion (still work to be done on that one) and to see Sun kick it like some sand castle is appalling. Fortunately, it was a hologram of the sand castle.

The child is not my Sun.

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