O-M-G... a whale upvoted... Me!

I don't know how many of you were onboarded during the 2017 bull run, but personally my [first post](

Are you currently working on your dream job?

It's always sitting right here in my head, whirling around, appearing and disappearing on demand. Most times, it seems so unreal because…

How is it that you always have money?

Yesterday was daddy's birthday and while we sat at the round table digging into the suya and chill Pepsi (Pepsi is a family thing), dad…

I am a wanderer...... I move just as the wind.... Meet Iska

My name is Blessing, but, I'll be using the name, @iskafan on hive. I have gone through the settings and found that I can shorten my…

Have you invited anyone to Hive, yet?

I have been trying so hard to bring her to Hive. She is my most difficult disciple. Someone said I have a mind of my own, you could ask me…

Blockchain is transparent, here lies my vote of confidence

I have gotten so used to the transparency of blockchain that I forget the outside world runs differently. I am not happy right now, and I…

Give me money, give me financial freedom

No, I don't know what to write about. I have been trying to write about something since last week, it's not working. I have read lots of…

Paparino Lottery Draw - week #124 - Guaranteed Prize Pool 33.548 STEEM _ 19.114 SBD _ 18.309 HBD _ 396.955 LEO _ 4.005 CTP

*...week #123 was over last night..we had no winners this week so the generated STEEM - SBD - HIVE - HBD - LEO and CTP will be added in…

I may never get the chance to take care of my old parents... So why wait?

Where I come from, families prefer waiting until the older folks in their family die before they spend money on them. While they are…

⭐️All The HIVE DOLLARS This Topic Generates Is YOURS Week Sixteen⭐️

I'm giving away all the liquid HIVE Dollars this post generates via a free raffle. No upvote, Resteem or Follow required (Although doing…

I'll never be able to get out of debt

I was at work one evening, during the pandemic, a friend walked into my office, and laid a complaint. He said he had borrowed money from a…

I didn't realize I was taking it all for granted

Do you remember that post I wrote about taking a break from HIVE? Yes, it was a click-bait but a part of me meant it. I did want to be…

Let's answer some of your Blockchain questions

The blockchain space is wide and there are a lot of sectors under it. We have seen blockchain tech support cryptocurrencies and protocols…

Censorship resistance, and a built-in economic layer puts HIVE in the right direction

The idea that you can do anything you want on the blockchain is an interesting one. We have already witnessed the speed at which digital…

Chance Is Messing With Me - Introduction Post

I woke up to a text from an unknown contact, wondering what it was about I opened the text to realise someone wanted me to be her dance…

How much would you love to earn this week on Proof of brain?

Proof of brain community is swirling with abundance, you only need to reach out and pluck it. It is your responsibility and your power to…

Proof of brain, the community you should be seen in, this week. Why?

It's a new week, and if you are looking for ways to earn promising tokens this week, and end the weekend with a bag of money, stay till…

Why are Some Countries Banning Crypto Mining?

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been reports of China shutting down bitcoin mining farms with 65% of Bitcoins hash rate coming…

Will EOS ever replace Ethereum at the top?

EOS made a shocking introduction to the blockchain community in July 2017. In the space of two years, EOS moved from being just a new…

Are you using Binance too? How is your experience so far?

Binance. That's a word every newbie and experienced investor in the crypto space is accustomed to. It isn't the first crypto exchange in…