To reap the dividends you must put in the work

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With our generation, the future millennials, it's a prevalent sentiment that work is an inevitable evil. But with the acquisition of wealth and success comes less motivation to work for it.

We're thrown into society already feeling entitled and frequently lacking ambition with this promise that hard work equates to becoming rich in economic terms, though endless data disproves this correlation.

It's considered a norm that if you put in the effort, you become rich enough to no longer have to put in any additional effort at all and call it a life or art project. And now the odds are higher for somebody who is even marginally competent to end up materialistically inferior but functionally richer in comparison.

It's a never-ending cycle of work and consumption, where nobody is doing the work, but everybody wants to become richer than the time before. Which clearly doesn't work like that unless one is indulging in illegal schemes.

Putting in a consistent great effort will ensure that you are rewarded for your hard work. We all have to put in the effort to get what we want. Truthfully, “getting ahead of the game” doesn’t happen overnight - it requires relentless work and self-control. Consistent effort will be a key factor in your success - to get ahead of the game., you have to start from where you are.
You have to work hard before you can enjoy having it easy. Don't expect to just find a way to become rich quickly, you have to put in the hours now. you need to invest the time before expecting a large payout in the future, and that reward is not just monetary but also happiness and fulfillment. You've got to work hard before you can enjoy having it easy.

As much as we want it to be true, you don't really get rich working hard for 8 hours a day and saving the rest of your time. It takes hard work and a smart investment. Serious financial growth cannot be attained when living paycheck-to-paycheck. Long-term wealth comes from expecting less in the short term, making sacrifices, and putting in the time, energy and resources to achieve goals.

The key is to live below your means and invest the excess money you have saved in stocks, bonds, or real estate. Not all hard work will equal success. The whole point of work is to make money. Money let you buy freedom. If you're truly happy with your job and can be productive in your field, the money will take care of itself. That's one reason why we love entrepreneurship - it's about the freedom to explore and create new opportunities for yourself.

The system of capitalism gives the incentive to work harder as long as you make enough money for yourself and are willing to do the required amount of work necessary for it. Some people might not be willing to put in their time if they already have enough money and don't see a reason to do anything else with their life. In the end, finding your niche and putting in the work is necessary for achieving success.

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