40$ earned in 30 days ( a newbee's journey on Hive blockchain))

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Screenshot_20210616233814.png Hi hive,glad to here again, am here to take you through the journey of the last 30 days on Hive blockchain which happens to be my first 30 days on the platform. Like I did share in my introduction post, it was not easy to be convinced about joining and engaging the platform but as God would have it, my friend and brother @uyobong was able to pull me out of the box, shook me to a balance and opened my eyes to the beautiful and rewarding opportunities on the platform. I began my journey on the 15th of may 2021 and of cause with the daily actifit fitness report.

My first actifit fitness report count was about 13,147, believe me it was full of excitement because my friend who introduced me said it was a good way to start on actifit, the congratulatry messages was so much encouraging and ofcause gave me the staying power. As the journey went on l began to develop more interest. Screenshot_20210616233711.png #My Fears# You know normally it's always kind of scarring trying to do the things you have not done before, the fear of the unknown came heavily on me due to some casualties l have experienced social media platform but because l have been thought not to leave in my past so l had to lay it down and look up to the future.

#MY SUCCESS# Screenshot_20210616233814_1.png I started with 13147 actifit fitness report and few days letter on the 18/05 precisely l had 25,221, l kept the spirit on and l was able to hit 35,493 actifit count on the 24/05 which promoted me to be short listed on the actifit reward cycle results of the top 20 leader-board with highest activity count and activity count distribution.

Screenshot_20210616083553.png I continued Scaling high and lots of rewards kept coming, then l got introduction to other interface on Hive blockchain were l could explore different communities of my internet and also how to engage people in those communities.

Screenshot_20210616093235.pngScreenshot_20210616093250.pngScreenshot_20210616093217.png I began to reply people comment on my post and as well comment on people's post.
The journey went on and l got to know how to open an account via Leofinance of which l did open for my kid brother, it was very successful @duncanek. Screenshot_20210604110127_2.png I started helping out friends of mine on how to effectively engage to derive maximum productivity. Screenshot_20210616233739.png

#My Failures# I started receiving commendation from different communities and that fuel my curiosity to explore more communities and engage more persons on the hive blockchain. I began to make post on some community of my interest but because of my ignorance, l ended up faulting the rules of the community thereby receiving no upvotes but instead l was down voted which actually brought some level of discouragement
Screenshot_20210616130015_1.png The reason why I was discouraged is because l had spent so much time trying to put the article together but l after the happening l had to investigate the reason why l spent so much time but ended up as a waist, l began to ask questions so l discovered that the images that accompanied the post had image source so as such l had to be flagged down.

I must tell you that my first 30days on the hive blockchain has been a wonderful journey and l must tell you that l have so learned from the past 30days and l want to say thanks to all who have been watching my back, reading , upvoting and correcting me. Thanks so much, l solicit for more of that.

I believe this journey of mine will encourage someone who is discouraged just like l was,

Please if you find it encouraging, do well to leave a comment below,
A big thanks @uyobong @duncanek @peckypeace @evegrace
I remaind @ekeminiemy, l will be back again.bless you

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