The little drops that makes meaning

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I sincerely had believed that i was doing well financially, because what was dropping into my account on monthly bases, i was used to it until *COVID19 pandemic invaded the universe. staying at home, i was not going for my daily hustling and there was no way i could be receiving my monthly stuffs because i was paid as i worked.

it was disheartening, for a while i was worried but worrying could not attempt to solve the problem until i was introduced to hive blockchain, truthfully speaking i did not believe it due to my odd experience in some social media platforms, i had made up my mind not to engage any social media platform that has to do with money, but some days came and pass, no joy, some weeks passed no joy, i remember one night that we could not sleep, i counted all the celling in my room but still sleep did not come because i had not eaten for some good days, i prayed in my heart to see the next day and god answered the prayer. when i worked up in the morning my first point of reference was @uyobong office, the young man who talked to me about joining hive.

when i reached his office, he ask me to wait for him, so i sat in his office and while he was away, i began to glance through some document in his office, i noticed that almost all the write-up in the office was about hive, in my curiosity i grape some document that details about @hiveblockchain, @sportstalk and @loefinance, not quite long he returned to the office so i began to engage him on how to go about it , he laughed and said I purposefully left you alone in the office so that you can feed your eye, so what did you see, he asked, i responded, Leofinance, sportstalk, hive, again he ask me are you willing to come make money without stress, l said to him pleas show me the way to follow. image.png i started with daily Actifit report, some sportstoken started dropping then i began to engage the communities that i was introduced to and like a joke i started seeing earnings drop in my wallet, the first few days i was not encouraged because the up votes that i received were below my expectation
image.png after a while i went to him, so he told me not to be discourage by the upvote am receiving, he added that persistency is key to success on hive, i went back strategizing on what to do, i could not sleep so i stayed back at home for some days trying to understand the sequence of operation on hive.

My mind was not on the earnings, i was all out to engage the communities and shockingly, i discovered that after 30 days on hive i earned about $40 link

it was really refreshing, few days ago, I partispated in the july power up day, i powerd up about (+20HP) my voting power raised from +20HP to +40HP link, like joke, so i gave in more time, i can not believe it that as at today, I discovered that in the last 30days i earned another +$40

image.png Here is the analysis

image.png my first layer earnings

image.png *my second layer earning**


today i can boldly say that the little droppings of my day to day activities on hive have become meaningful and full of joy.

image.png sources

Akwa United Football Club is a Nigerian football club based in Uyo. They play in the first division of Nigerian football, the Nigeria Professional Football League. Godswill Akpabio International Stadium is the club's home stadium. now i can engage in sport like never before, my lost passion for sport have been been revived, i can tell you that my journey on hive so far is joy all the way.
i will update you on the latest akwa united games yet to be played. see you again in my next post, your upvote and constructive comment is what am looking forward to. thanks much, bless you @ekeminiemy so mush tanks to my mentor @uyobong for taking me through this journey, today i have also open account on hive several persons with no regret

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