Making Leofinance a Household Name: KingsChat by LEO

Hi Everyone It is actually a good thing to be back here after a long while. I have been away for sometimes now due to the fact that my…

My introduction to hive: new bee

Hi everyone i am super excited to be here finally on the Hive blockchain and this desire was birthed as my passion to increase my income…
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My Introduction to Hive: Guess you will Like to Know Me

Hi everyone, am happy to be here finally. Obviously every journey that will cover miles will always begins with a step. Starting my…

The Bandwagon You Shouldn't Join on your Journey to Success

The nature of post am making this days are the kind that doesn't only address the people but myself first. [Image Source](

It's far easier to hold onto people than it is to get new people.

It's 10x easier to retain existing customers. That is a stat that we have often come up against in a consumer industry where they…

LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #16

Hello LBE'ers, we have had another fantastic week, earnings are good, off-platform investments are performing well and we announced that…

Change In Food? Impossible Foods IPO

There are many changes underway in the food industry. One of the main areas is with meat. Technology, according to advocates, is…

My Introduction to Hive: Get to Know Me

Hi everyone Obviously every journey that will cover mile always begins with a step. Starting my journey on the Hive blockchain wasn't…

Why blockchain might not profit many. Understanding opportunities and celebrating them

Hi everyone, I bring you greetings this end. Today I will be sharing with us a body of knowledge I came across yesterday about why some…

A little study a little research: DeFi appreciation

A critical analysis of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Image Source Introduction Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is most likely to…

Every Little Drop Matters: How 0.896 LEO bought 11,142.7 SPORTS TOKEN

Hi everyone greetings from this other side. Am here again to tell us one same story and that is the story of my successfully…

Liberty at Last: Band of Crypto-trading Lifted. Cubfinance project to be fully enjoyed in Nigeria

Source It's reliving that finally Nigeria, as other nations of the world has seen the need to allow the engagement of crypto amo

Matching Up: Aiming at 500k SPORT Stake by March Ending

Hello everyone, greetings to all sports lovers and sport content creators. This morning has really been an exciting one for me. First…

My Testimony: The wonder working of my remaining 50 LEO

Hi guys it feels good to back here again after a long time and hopefully this time will be better than before. Thanks to everyone who has…

Hurray!! Christmas about to boom: LEO now buying on HIVElist

Hi guys, it good to be back again after a long time of being away because of the season. Am super excited with the development here and…

Tasted and Trust: How My LEO Sponsored my Friend's Parents 10years Marriage Anniversary

Sunday made my friend's parent ten years in marriage and with us an awesome time joining them in the celebration though i myself was not…

LEO Bullish: A Blessing or a Curse

I must say that I haven't been impressed with blockchain as I was a few day ago when I got the news that LEO is bulling and that 1LEO at…

Why Hodl's so Much LEO and Not Touch a Live: Still on Project Feed the Poor.

I don't know what else to write about in this season than to continue begging for your support to feed a family this Christmas. We are…

Project Feed the Poor: Taking LEO into the Villages.

It dawned on me some week's ago while on a trip to an interior part in my state and what I saw got me heart broken. The simple law of…

LEO is still Hiring: Making a Living being a Full-time Content Creator

Some weeks ago, Nigeria experienced a troubled time as the the youths were well sponsored to set the nation in a state of turmoil while…