Making My Time As Profitable As Possible!

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Hello Buzzy Lions!

I created this vlog post dedicated to the initiative from @theycallmedam which is sharing our plan to grow in 2021! You can check the post below:

Increase my profits in my online business as well as building other projects and help build other projects from @clicktrackprofit and also create some residual income through these are my main financial goals through the year.

By the way, here's the post link for the time-line of Affilliatech:

Those profits I would like to invest part of it in crypto, not only the well-known ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in a dollar-cost averaging way but will be more bullish on HIVE and a few Hive-Engine Tokens!

For that, I might work on adding another way of payment inside my program besides Debit/Credit Cards and HivePay so I can cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin and gather these cryptos to my wallet!

Going back to HIVE, I also have some delegations to some projects like @leo.voter and @ctpsb that give me some dividends as well!

Here are #MyHiveGoals for this year, I might be more in-depth next Sunday:

My Hive Goals 2021
HIVE Power5000 HP
CTP Power150000 CTP
LEO Power2000 LEO
INDEX Tokens3000 INDEX
CTPSB Tokens1000 CTPSB

Content Creation, Curating, and Commenting will be my major source for some of these goals. Also, play some games inside HIVE that will also help with some inside income.

create! curate! engage!.png

If I reached some of the goals before the end of the year, of course, it will be increased.

I will keep posting every Sunday about them to make myself accountable and watch it grow!

Write down your goals, long or short term, write them all, it will create more accountability and reality and you will reach them for sure :)

I think I cover the questions from @theycallmedan's post through the vlog!
Forgive me in advance the length of it lol

Enjoy and thank you for watching!

Happy New Year!

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Where do you get the most votes on your content? Im finding Leofinance is the most engaging and has the highest earning potential for me personally.

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I get most rewarded on my main tribe/community which is CTPTalk. It's also where I post more and the toke I hold most. But yeah, Leofinance is right next :)
Thank you for your comment!


I'll have to check it out

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I am sure Eliana that you will overshoot all of the goal.


Thank you! I hope you reach your goals too :)


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I'm also stacking a lot of Hive based tokens to support them and to be a more productive member of different communities.

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That's pretty cool! The beauty of Hive is you can support a few communities in just one post!
Keep stacking :)

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2 yr

Love your goals Eliana :-). Full power into 2021!


Thank you! Full power indeed 💪


Short, precise and concise so it is easier to achieve the goals.

I liked the timeline design and I hope the tokens you have developed or will develop are a success 👍

I see it well focused, happy year and success. 😉🤗 @elianaicgomes

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Thank you so much!
All the best for your goals as well and wish you a happy and prosperous new year!