EXODE Guide – Equipping Weapons and Defending Your Crew During Evacuation

As a beginner in EXODE , one of the things I found most difficult in the Evacuation Phase was defending cargo and retrieving out of…

EXODE upcoming update: a huge step forward

Galactic News broadcast! Scanning has been released for some weeks now helping our testers secure their first planet NFTs. We…

eXode Talk

Screenshot of one of my planets on SteemNova Hello again, fellow pilots and you civilians out there! In my [last post](

eXode: Baumite, a heaven for investors and tourists!

Baumite, a heaven for investors and the place to be for tourism! That's likely how a bad PR office would try attract people to come on…

Calling All Captains - Let's Create Some Amazing EXODE content!

With Colonization getting closer and closer in EXODE , I feel like it's time to spread the word and make more potential Captains aware…

EXODE at end May: Planet NFTs and more than 2000 attributes per planet

We have been upgrading STEP ONE for several weeks! We gave access to scanning, we updated our colonization portal and created the…

Lurking Undervalued Stuff EXODE NFT market

And since we know the game is at an early stage, we can assume that same cool cards are significantly undervalued. Shows good development…

In 48 hours: All testers will get one Planet NFT in EXODE!

Time for the big news! Starting in 2 days, and until all colonization tests are done and our test season is over, all testers in EXODE…

It's Finally Happening! eXode Is About To Release Colonization Within The Week!

Looks like it's space week! Over yesterday's article about Farsite I've almost missed an even more important [announcement](

EXODE goes crazy in content and announces Colonization in just a few days now!

It's sooner than even. We are now talking days, not weeks. And it's COLONIZATION ! This is an amazing time, an amazing time for all…

EXODE gives a preview of its colonization pass and next contents!

EXODE Starbase messaging all pilots! This is a progress update: with news, roadmap, details on new features! You can read more…

Test Seasons Coming To eXode - Here's What To Expect!

It's been pretty much a year now since I've found out about the wonderful world of blockchain gaming. The game that started it all for…
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EXODE enters ALPHA 2 and introduces its planets!

A space colonization game set on the Hive blockchain, EXODE has hundreds of unique cards, nearly 138 000 cards in existence, a market…

EXODE allows players to find and name planets in the next demo!

In several days your space adventure will resume thanks to the first step of colonization gameplay: scanning and landing! *We are…

First beta of hive-tools is online

A first beta of hive-tools created by @cryptoriddler and @kyrianda is online at You can login to the site with keychain, but most of…

EXODE reveals more about Colonization!

We hope everyone enjoyed some good time with their family during the holidays! Design and deveopment has continued meanwhile. It is…

EXODE broadcasts its first "Ask Me Anything"... and reveals a new card !

Dear captains, How about being up to date with all the latest contents and information? Do you think it's hard to keep up? Then be…

EXODE distributes rewards and announces new medals

It's TIME! Stations Aramea, Coriatis and Ivski have been evacuated, and now their citizens want to express their thanks... and some…

EXODE Challenge: a success with more than 450 games played!

This was an intense week! Hundreds of ships docked to stations and evacuated many more citizens and more than a thousand cargo…

eXode's first Evacuation Challenge is going to start soon!

In case you missed last week's announcement , this week eXode is going to launch it's very first Evacuation Challenge with a shot…