Deeper dive into [insert name] tokenomics.

First of all, let me say 'thank you' once again to everyone for showing such amount of good vibes in my [yesterday post](

Input needed: What do you think about a token 'linked' to my future trading profits & backed by HBD?

Hello everyone, This is something that I've been thinking about lately. And as the title asks, what do you think about a token linked to…

[XTZ/USDT] Tezos technical analysis (by @acesontop demand)

Adrian (@acesontop) asked me for a Tezos ($XTZ) technical analysis on my last post . And that's it, I'm going for it :) I never…

[Sunday #hopium dose] I believe we're at the verge of a massive trend reversal.

I can't stop thinking lately about this. I have a gut feeling that we're going to face a very violent trend reversal very, very soon…

Not a lambo, but still... this is my highest purchase 'ever' with crypto earnings.

A few months ago (late March), I decided to make a move for which I'm especially grateful to myself for taking such a decision. I…

Any LBI sellers out there? (+ personal update)

Hey everyone, just a quick update & post. In my last rebalancing portfolio mission, I've been looking for LBI (Leo Backed Investments)…

Reward Pool Abuse

Lots to say lots to say. First of all let's begin with something I wanted to address for a while now. Lately I've been randomly accused…

Venture Capitalism to be Antiquated

What is the purpose of venture capital? Making money is not easy. Making a lot of money is even harder. For the most part, in order to…

2029: The Last Bitcoin Mega-Bubble

Bitcoin had Mega-Bubbles in 2013 & 2017. During these times at the end of the year BTC spiked up x10-x20 in under 12 months, followed by…

Top Ten Rules of Crypto

The other day @onealfa was listing off some rules for crypto in the LEO Discord. Apparently rule #2 was HODL. So of course I decided I…

Orion Protocol - The 'opportunity' dip.

When you show people graphs of your favourite projects and they only see a vertical rally they usually feel uncomfortable buying because…

My life is changing so fast (and it's damn scary).

I wonder why I didn't publish for over a month and I still don't find any good reasons. Probably it was the overall crypto craze that…

LBI Gov Team Roadmap

Greetings LBI stakeholders! With the governance election behind us, it is now time for the team to put feet to the ground and get to work…

My first BTC purchase - HODLING in retrospective

Today I've been dusting my old Coinbase account (didn't use it for at least a couple of years) and felt curious to generate a report about…

Leo Timeline Announcement

This post is put out on behalf of @khaleelkazi. He is swamped right now so the intention is to set some parameters as to what is coming…

🔥Binance Smart Chain. The land of opportunity!

Hello! Since the Ethereum network became untransactable by anybody that is not a whale, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) started getting…

Quick update regarding my 'Defi-Powered' Games Challenge + Comment Giveaway (in LEO)

Hello fellow readers, Just wanted to inform you that I sold my remaining ETH position and now my friend the private investor owns the…

'DeFi-Powered' Games with Ethereum - ETH printing machine working at full capacity

hey everyone, welcome to another edition of my 'Defi-Powered' Games using Ether as the base currency. I have a couple of main updates…

The bull case for Travala ($AVA)

A few days ago I got engaged in a conversation about one of my favourite projects, Travala and the $AVA token. Seeing that a few…

'DeFi-Powered' Games with Ethereum - Private Investor appears! +10 ETH Invested milestone.

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of my defi challenge. January is coming to an end and I thought that's a good time to give you…