SEED Holdings Report #29 - Living to fight another Day

Hello everyone, This one has been a crazy week and I have not been sleeping properly these past few days after the LUNA drama unfolded.…

CriptoCuates Podcast | Episodio #4 - Trading, Hive, Guerra de Downvotes y más con @empoderat

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ![covercccuates4.png](

SEED Holdings Report #28 - Move2Earn Takeover!

Hello everyone, I don't have much time (family time) so this one will be a fast report. But Wow . What a week! today I spit out…

''Run it back turbo empo!'' - First +6 figs day (plus update).

Hello everyone, As the title states yesterday we closed one of the biggest days in terms of gaining percentage (and of my trading…

SEED Holdings Report #27 - ongoing diversification

Good morning everyone, This one will be a quick report, (but no less dense with information). Let's recap of the multiple things that's…

Ledger on HIVE tips

Hello! In recent days I have been tinkering with what I believe is a very important security enhancement in Hive. Nothing less and…

Project SEED x Belemo; collaboration announcement

Yay! Good Friday evening everyone :) you can't imagine how happy I'm to share this news! Starting today, long-term hivian @belemo…

SEED Update: Switching into aggressive mode

In late November we made an ATH after another and I suggested to 'calm down for a bit' , the reason for wh

SEED Holdings Report #26 - regaining momentum, big presale & some thoughts

Hello everyone! First of all, apologies for the current delay on this post (in case you missed it, it should've been written last week).…

Polycub: Kingdom & xPolycub Analysis & UX

Clearly I am not Khal's favorite person right now! Actually I've been pissing a lot of people off lately. Maybe the problem is with…

SEED Update postponed - Sorry!

Hey everyone, I'm just doing this quick update as I didn't noticed that this weekend was time for a ''SEED Holdings Report'' and I…

SEED 'de-pegging'; inner thoughts while preparing for further stages of grow.

Hello everyone, how are you doing, my fellow SEED holders? I know it's been a few 'boring' months from the headquarters but this is how…

SEED Holdings Report #25 - Loan juggling, Polycub games & more!

Time for an update! This week the Polycub launch has eclipsed all the other things around the Hive ecosystem developments and obviously…

SEED Holdings Report #24 - big uncertainty ahead, take care!

Time for an update. Although I'm not in the best mood to talk about the matter, the first thing that I want to do is to pay my respects to…

SEED Holdings Report #23 - Codename: “Equilibrium” Type: “Structure”

''is that time of the week again? Yeah, it seems is that time of the week again.'' Jesus, time flies. Have the feeling to be monitoring…

On the verge of realising a dream

Mondays. [EDIT: ending the post on Tuesday since yesterday fell asleep, you get the point nvm] Actually, I like Mondays. It's the day…

Hive & H-E Witness announcement post

Hello everyone, Recently I decided to take a step forward in my involvement with Hive. Nothing more & nothing less than helping on the…

Why you should vote for Proposal 206 and build a bridge to Binance

Hello everyone, we are powering into February and still Building and Growing here on HIVE, the true #web3 blockchain. Great power comes…

SEED Holdings Report #22 - Project owned HBD/SEED liquidity & more updates

GM everyone, finally it's time for an update! I've been thinking about a few core changes to our overall working structure (and still…

Using HivePunks as a tool to onboard people on Hive & my punks on hive experience so far.

In the last few days, I've been preparing a little present for one of my best friends in the offline world: As you can see I grabbed…