''Extra-light'' SEED Holdings Report #17

Ok, I'm extra tilted right know because for whatever reason my COMPLETED post went to nowhere when posting through leofinance AAAAGH…

SEED Holdings Report #16 - What an amazing week! (+400K$)

Hi, it's Saturday morning and also the time to update, let's recap because this week has been full-packed with action. Treasury over…

3,5K SEED sale in minus 60 min; last minute details.

For an overall picture of the sale check: Announcement post [Price adjustment to 4$ post](

Introducing BuyBack & Burn Program for SEED + Initial approach on 'Management Fees'

Hello everyone, As you might know, recently I talked about upcoming management fees on a [recent post](

SEED Holdings Report #15 : +250K$ in backed assets; Plans & next priorities

Such an exciting week! The SEED printer is in full brr mode. Today is Friday and there's usually no new presale listings on the weekend…

Key Update for SEED - Let's talk about Founder Fees & our Maximum Supply

Okay, this is one of those posts which come after some deep thoughts. First a bit of background Since I started the Seed project I…

SEED funding round update: New minimum price is now 4$

Hey everyone, As I shared exactly a week ago, there's an additional round for new possible buyers on SEED on the 25. Unfortun

SEED Holdings Report #14 - +50K$ Week, SEED now worth over 2$ in 'backed' value.

I was waiting a bit for prices to correct (let's see I can avoid posting at ATH prices, though!), but whatever, I had to write this update…

SEED funding round #2 - All the details.

Hello everyone, After giving it a few hard thoughts, I decided to make an additional round of funding for SEED. In this post, I'll be…

SEED Update(s) - Coming out soon from the oven

This is not the typical 'weekly holdings report', since honestly there's not much to report from a holdings perspective. As mentioned in…

SEED Holdings Report #13 - Warming up engines

This one has been probably our 'slowest' week in terms of revenue. For a good reason! Since I moved the DAO from a wallet to another for…

In full charge: 100% rights on 50K DAO for SEED holders.

As stated in my last indecent proposition , now SEED holders are in full charge of 50

SEED Holdings Report #12 - Crazy idea in the making (again, feedback required)

This week has been one of those busy ones from my 'real life' side of things, from the internet side relatively quiet. However, early this…

Laying Foundations: SEED gets Private Funding.

I have been working behind the scenes to get a workaround to a couple of problems that we currently have and today I'm happy to announce…

[Action Required] Yield Farming rewards for SEED Diesel Pool have been deprecated.

Hello everyone, This announcement may catch you by surprise but I'm dropping around to say that the Diesel Pool farm for SEED has just…

SEED Holdings Report #11 - Beating ATH's consistently!

I keep relatively busy with a few things off-chain, sorry for the posting inactivity. This fact however doesn't affect my implication with…

SEED Holdings Report #10

I don't have much time available; so this one will be real fast. Three things to mention: TVL in presales keeps increasing, we added 2…

SEED Holdings Report #9 - Hello Uptober!

You know what they say, ''After a Rektember, a Uptober always come...'' And this is also the case with our SEED holdings. Let's…

DAO Maker Whale status reached (with conditions) + increase in %APR for SEED.

Okay, sorry for the spam, but since the community response has been clear and most of the people 100% agreed with the proposed move from…

SEED Holdings Report #8 - [Call to action for all token holders]

What a busy week! Yield farming rewards announced & activated (+35% APR) on BeeSwap . NFTrade Presale (I ran a [little contest](