My life is changing so fast (and it's damn scary).

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I wonder why I didn't publish for over a month and I still don't find any good reasons.

Probably it was the overall crypto craze that drives me to exactly that point in time and space. Could easily be.

I 'suffered' a lot of emotionally mixed emotions in a very short amount of time, and as the title says, the recipe is ready for life-changing events (it's already happening).

Overall positive, also confusing, and (rarely but happens from time to time) scary.

Let me go into details.

In case you wonder; yes, I made it.

Probably you don't even know what I'm talking about.

Remember my masterplan which I published at the beginning of the year?

Although I won't reveal my exact positions I want to say that ''I've made it''.

My total net worth grew in a few months from the low ~100K's up to the 7 figures mark.

So yes, I'm a millionaire thanks to crypto.

Ironically now that I've achieved this financial status I'm not in a need or hurry to cash out into fiat.

Who on earth would cashout the most scarce asset into that ineffective & zombie currency which we call 'fiat'. I like shitcoins overall, but damn. The '€' it's the biggest shitcoin of them all.

This old meme applies (because basically, it's true). I am experiencing it firsthand. Incredible times.


However, as much as I despise fiat. It's still required in the current system, and not everyone in my environment is as experienced in crypto-shitcoinery as I'm. A safety net was needed. So I provided and pulled the trigger.


That's it. 100K€ worth of euro being withdrawn to my bank account.

I'm secretly waiting for a call from my bank manager trying to sell me a shitty investment fund or something.

I'll probably laugh at him and say something like:

''1% a year!?!? This is what I'm making daily at CubFinance bud''

And then scream: ''WENNNNNN''.

(poor khal btw)


The thing is when I saw that number something has stirred inside me.

I realized that I'm not rich because 'I don't need to work anymore' (or at least for a for a substantial amount of time . I'm rich because NO ONE can buy my time now.

I felt something. A mix of happiness and exhaustion. I didn't know that I could be so tough (emotionally speaking). I also can't believe how life can change in such a short timespan.

At the bottom of the bear market, I had less than 10K$ (and sweated a lot to get it).

And with yesterday's dip, for example, my portfolio went down like 150K$, and I still slept well at night.

I'll be laughing at anyone who calls us 'lucky'.

Closing Thoughts

I wanted to write a post to get rid of the dust and as always I'm probably overextending and somewhat raving.

I don't have a f*cking clue about the future. Not even in the short term. (Well, I'm going to keep riding the bull wave until the top, thats' for sure).

I just want to say 'thank you' to all the people around the HIVE & Leofinance because this platform has been an incredible opportunity for many of us (and I'm not an exception) and it was feeling strange to stay silent for that big amount of time.

I'll try to recover again the posting schedule of 1-2 weekly posts. It helps a lot to keep the mind organized and follow/remember rigorously trading setups (because I can lie to myself, but not to an immutable content chain).

I didn't pronounce myself about CUB. I'll just say that I'm bullish.


These CUB are 100% farm profits. And I'm going to keep stacking. CUB at 15-30$ is programmed.

WEN...? Soon™

(Ok, enough shilling for today).

Have a nice one!

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