Not a lambo, but still... this is my highest purchase 'ever' with crypto earnings.

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A few months ago (late March), I decided to make a move for which I'm especially grateful to myself for taking such a decision.

I withdrew 100K€ worth of crypto to my bank account.

The #1 priority for this money was 'improving' my life (nothing quirky I assure you), but one of the purchases that I've been delaying for quite some time was a new car (bye-bye to my old Suzuki, I'll remember you with love).

Lions & Lionesses, with you the Leo.Fi car (wait for it...)


It's fast, cute & red.

I don't live in a big city, I'm more of a countryside man. Public transportation is a bit deficient in my area, so good means of transportation is a must in my case.

Btw and as an anecdote, I applied shitcoinery tactics to purchase this car and made extensive research before the final resolution.

A closer friend of my mother works for Seat (in case you wonder, Seat is a Spanish manufacturer which was sold to the Volkswagen group in 1986, which is also a big guarantee, because you know that you're buying a car whose engine has been built by the same people behind Audi and the Volkswagen brand itself).


Long story short, thanks to my insider friend into Seat, I was able to take out this beauty with a fat ~27% discount.

So, for a car valued at 32.000€, I ended up paying 23.200€

And of course, didn't finance shit. When the guy at the dealer asked if I was going to finance I told him that ''of course not''.

Did I say that the average Spaniard needs an average of 6 years to pay in full a car? It still blows my mind when I think about it. People are very used to all kinds of shitty debt. It almost feels 'normal' to be buried in bad depth.


Seems that 'DYOR' is always a good ability to put into practice and especially with big purchases, makes a lot of sense to invest some time into finding the best deal possible.


It's also a funny fact that this model is called the 'Seat Leon' (which means Lion in Spanish), predestination or?

What are the probabilities to be involved in a blockchain blogging platform called Leofinance + to have an outrageous offer to buy an almost brand new Seat Leon?

Not that many I guess (unless I was already conditioned because I have a positive/familiar feeling towards Leofinance).

Whatever the case, the lesson today is 'learn to take profits'.

I was happy that I took my profits, but I should've taken 'some' more. Which reinforces the theory which says that taking profits is NEVER a bad move.

So, in case you're suffering from the last move down, remember that you shouldn't be ashamed to take some money out of the table (enough to let you sleep at night, not that much that you don't care anymore).

Have a good weekend & thanks for reading.

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