RE: Input needed: What do you think about a token 'linked' to my future trading profits & backed by HBD?

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I'll be treating the new token as a new purchase from my legal side of things.

Same as LBI or LEOM. Let me show you how I'm managing it:

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Given that my accounting app (cointracking) doesn't found anywhere LBI or LEOM price data the app assumes that the tokens are worth 0 (but I paid what I paid at the time of the purchase).

When I sell (if ever!) those tokens I will declare the profit (and thus I'll pay the corresponding taxes on earnings).

With the new token, it will be the same (I'll purchase 'X' tokens with 'Y' HBD, and later the stash will be sold for a profit).

The main difference, in that case, is that I would be the 'operator' of the token (as I minted it).

Still don't know what are the implications of this (tokenizing your business). As my 'business', (trading) doesn't require me to pay freelance taxes.

Lots of research to be done. But I'll be launching the token anyway (or at least an MVP while I keep researching/working on the legal side of things).

As I told another user before, your main concern should be If I'm 'trusted' or not.

If your guessing is that I'm not, well, then don't touch my token.

If your answer is yes, then buy it and keep calm that If something ever goes wrong I'll close the door and return until the last penny to everyone.

Hope that helps :)

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