RE: Input needed: What do you think about a token 'linked' to my future trading profits & backed by HBD?

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Hello, samsmith1971. It's indeed a very good question.

Since I'm still in the draft/whiteboard stage I 'proposed' a 80% collateralization ratio of the total fund in HBD for 2 very important reasons

  • allow anyone to leave at any time (no fees for closing trades, funds around, etc).

  • Buy my own peace of mind (as I don't want to worry in excess because the fund is in loss)

Note that this number (80) can be higher or lower, and I'll be posting weekly/biweekly reports probably. I think I found a better approach to this matter. So I'll be updating later on the tokenomics side of the project.

Thanks for the feedback! very highly appreciated input.

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