SEED Discord + HBD/SEED pool reminder

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Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to apologize since this is something that should have been done some time ago. Better late than never they say.

The official SEED Discord is live.

The happiest guy in town is obviously @trumpman who can (from now on) call me 'gay' on another channel (another one!).


The server is nothing spectacular at the moment, but Apart from the regular 'Main', 'Suggestions', and 'Support' channels, there is an OTC channel.

OTC Channel

Not gonna lie, the OTC channel was 9 out of 10 reasons to set up a dedicated Discord server, which gets increasingly important in times like these.

In case someone now wants to buy/sell SEED directly from another user, now we have a straightforward process in place where I act as a custodian (for a 0,25% fee paid by both interested parties). Check the Discord for more details.

Regarding the Tribaldex SEED/SWAP.HBD Pool


We had this pool running for almost a year with a more than decent APR and this is a reminder for my fellow LPs that rewards WON'T be refilled after the remaining rewards dry out in the next 20 days. Act accordingly.

On a side note

I've been experimenting multiple times in the last few months trying to tweak different things in order to get a satisfying formula for a decent liquidity pool, so far without success.

SEED utility is quite limited yet (you basically buy & hold) so I guess I'll have to (as stated in the roadmap) bring on dividends before exploring further the liquidity pools thing. On the other hand, has been an invaluable experience managing this pool.

I've been able to buy back +700 SEEDs through the @seed-treasury acc. during this time (+0,7% of the supply!) so it's a 'not so bad' result. These tokens will be reserved for now.

That's all for this update. Enjoy your week and don't forget to join the Discord especially if you're holding (or planning to) hold SEED.


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Thanks for the update! I went ahead and joined the Discord server!

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Joined the discord.

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I'm in!


Any chance of getting seed added in there ;)

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sorry what do you mean?


!1UP Great update for the project. Is there an expected deadline in order to bring the dividends?


No date yet, since we need to amass first a decent amount.

The plan has been to stock up a lot of stables in the next bull and use those. However, I've been thinking about a teaser for a while as a test.

Don't expect anything yet! will be ready when ready.

Cheers :)


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