SEED Holdings Report #51 - Presales showing muscle

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Hello everyone,

After a very intense couple of weeks, I am happy to be able to bring you this report. In my opinion the best in many months of a bear market. I don't have much time so I'll try to synthesize as much as possible. if you have any doubts, ask whatever you want.

Let's recap.

We participated in many quality presales in these couple of weeks, 2 of them AI-related, another one related to the podcasting world, and the last one a very hyped NFT project. 4 in total. The numbers are simply astonishing:

  • Podfast ($FAST): 360 USD allocation for 14000 FAST tokens. 100% unlocked (didn't sold any). value on market = 1050 USD (x2,91).

  • CryptoGPT ($GPT): 975 USD allocation for 153000 GPT tokens. 10% unlocked on TGE sold for 767 USD (x0,78 ROI). Value on the market of the remaining tokens (140000) = 15400 USD (x15 on initial allocation).

  • Degen ZOO ($DZOO): 2100 USD allocation for 3500000 DZOO tokens. 35% unlocked on TGE sold for 5750 USD (x2,73 ROI). Value on the market of the remaining tokens (2500000) = 14800 USD (x7 on initial allocation)

  • Rejuve.AI ($RJV): 3100 USD allocation for 152000 RJV tokens. 20% unlocked on TGE sold for 1710 USD (x0,55 ROI). Value on the market of the remaining tokens (121000) = 10600 USD (x3,41 on initial allocation).

The other relevant thing I wanted to talk about is that SEED tokens have been bought/sold OTC back over the last couple of weeks. SEED as a project has now accumulated 7953 SEED using project funds at an aggregated price of 1,32$/SEED. All of those are sitting on @seed-cold).

I'm thinking about proper ways of using those tokens. IK'm tempted again to try bringing up a liquidity pool on Hive-Engine (this time without incentives, so 0 burden), but I still want to give it proper thought.

I don't have much time remaining. There you have all the charts:


And the bar chart (x3 on locked!).


Powered up +677 HIVE and locked on Savings +61,6 HBD on @seed-cold.


Current SEED Stats

  • Circulating supply: 100K (full released)
  • Total value of AUM: 180800$
  • Backed value of each SEED: 1,8$
  • Redeemable value of each SEED: 1,17$

50% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury.

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Nice update ☺️

@tipu curate


Thx Claudio!


Always aiming for the top! Congrats, my friend!


Ahhhh 3 new presales! How nice!

I thought we were in many more presales, but the table only shows 7 projects outside the 3 you've entered recently.

Overall SEED is doing nicely with almost 200k value, locked and unlocked 🙇 Thanks for all this work and value you bring to us 😉

Pool: Uhm, I wouldn't. Just keep the SEED in reserve. Like corporates do when buying back shares.

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Technically there's a lot more (I counted like +15 different tokens), but since the remaining to unlock is not much in $ value and in some cases the ETH fees eat up a chunk of the value, I decided to 'zeroing' that values in the last report.

So technically, TVL is slightly more.

If DO Maker can keep up with a similar rythm ove rthe next 1-2 years well be in an amazing position in no time.

Pool things: noted. Thx for the input.


Ahh cwwwooool 😉 Even those tiny valued ones may pick up again. Who knows 😉


Tldr, still poor


Go and make some magic with that SEED, so that I stop working and that my tax money stops feeding Greeks.

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Thanks for the update. It's nice to see the numbers go up and I think having a liquidity pool but no rewards would probably work out fine. After all, it's there for people who are trying to get their positions with a small amount without affecting the price much

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Ride the AI hype!


Those were some great ROI! And since the bull is coming sooner or later, the locked portions will probably still have a nice value when unlocked.