Crypto: Why we Look Beyond Politics

It seems Facebook has retreated from its crypto ad ban, after changing its name to Meta and is selling itself as a likely candidate to…

Visible vs Invisible Forces

So the deepening of Dorsey’s Square’s involvement will likely come as a surprise to no one who has been following the former Twitter’s CEO…

Hive: Winter is Coming

The cryptosphere has taught us to be weary of pumps. and as such a lot of the excitement on the Hive chain seems 'measured' - especially…

Hive: Knowing What You Want

I just wrote an article on positionless play in basketball, a term used to describe where players are given free roles and can make…

Hive: A Seat At the Table

Hive certainly isn't perfect, but it beats basically every other alternate social media platform we have in existence today. Hive is the…

The Proven Way to Escape Poverty

I read 'poor economics' last year, written by Abhijit Barnejee and Esther Duflo and one of the case studies in the book involved an indian…

Hive Pump: Excited About the Wrong Things?

Don't get me wrong, you will get zero complains from me if the value of Hive continues to skyrocket. However, the buzz of late surrounding…

Finance 101: The Most Underrated Financial Advice

I used to think that contentment was the most important attribute to possess when having to contend with personal finances. While it is…

Hive Pump: Scarcity, Decisions and the LEO Token

Well we are still pumping, and while it is a bit premature to call it this pump does remind me of the glory days steem had late 2017 when…

Hive ATH: Dining with The Big Boys

Hive is pumping. First it maintained a solid resistance at the $0.80 mark for a few months, while periodically crossing the dollar mark a…

Crypto Conflicts: A Race to the Bottom

In a space that is barely maturing, and has been under the spotlights of regulators who are seeking an opportunity to either discredit the…

This is What Cryptocurrency is All About

I couldn't help but notice the amount of post made about splinterlands gaming today, some coming from some people who I'd never imagined…

Bitcoin Bonds, Bitcoin Zones: El Salvador Doing all the Right Things

Well at least on paper, it seems like the Nation of El-Salvador is not resting on its oars being the first nation on the planet to adopt…

Grateful for 13-week Powerdowns

You guessed it, I have absolutely no creative juices flowing today and my thinking cap is likely pulled on backwards. Since I don't have a…

The World Very Likely Needs Another Big Reserve Currency

Hilary Clinton's comments have sent the crypto World alight, generating reactions from both enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts on social…

Crypto is A Great Back Up Plan

There are sentiments around and beyond the crypto space that the global economic system is on the verge of collapse. Those sentiments have…

Crypto: Life After Automation

I was reading the post of a prominent Hive user who quit his job a few days ago and remarked about being able to take so many off days…

Hive at $1 Again: December to Remember?

I don't know, is the circle of optimism that we see on the Hive chain by users unhealthy, entirely fueled by bias or is there some element

Sustainability is the Hodlers Mindset

The value of our Hive portfolio can be an interesting thing. This is because estimated value does not mean instant value, and even if we dec

Appreciating the Time It Takes for Growth to Happen

As my twenties slowly but surely wind down, I have only started learning the value of patience. Sure I always knew this on the surface…