Hive: A Seat At the Table

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Hive certainly isn't perfect, but it beats basically every other alternate social media platform we have in existence today. Hive is the only platform to offer every stakeholder some measure of returns and an opportunity for growth regardless of the size of their stake.

Perhaps a good way to better appreciate this platform would be to merely look at the alternatives, particularly in the mainstream side of things. How many Twitter users for instance can claim to have received either direct or indirect benefits from using the platform?

Being a 'stakeholder' on twitter or most of the other mainstream platforms doesn't mean much for most. Unless you actually hold some amounts of shares, the benefits of being a stakeholder is left to those who I refer to as the "one percent". These set of individuals get the overwhelming majority of rewards in the mainstream platforms while most other accounts are left with nothing.

Hive may not be even distributed, but its scope is still a lot more spread than other platforms. Everyone who comes into the platform stands a chance to benefit, meaning everyone is an investor. Hive is one of few service platforms not based on consumerism but on investing or as whatsup calls it, profit sharing.

While it is still early days, I have mentioned in the past how the Hive community seems markedly different from other social media platforms in terms of relations, uses and value offering. We have a less toxic community compared to other platforms, with members focusing on cooperation and joint pathways to success than anything else. Also, we have given an opportunity for skillsets to be honed and utilized on the community while being supported. You simply can't get that anywhere else.

The Legacy Corporations are Dying Out

Okay am starting to sound a bit too much like a certain prominent user but it is pretty difficult to imagine a future with mainstream media giants on top as decentralized platforms become more popular, mature and roll our the entire arsenal of their value offerings. The future is obviously in shared prosperity and any corporation that doesn't get the memo will fizzle out. One can only take a bad deal as long as there is no better alternative.

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