Hive ATH: Dining with The Big Boys

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Hive is pumping. First it maintained a solid resistance at the $0.80 mark for a few months, while periodically crossing the dollar mark a couple of times. This time however, it continues to pump in spite of a significant increase in volume as highlighted by analysts.

Of course reactions from a Hive pump within the chain is always something to behold. Try as you may, it is difficult not to get excited when a token that you've invested time, energy and effort in starts living up to anticipated potential.

Particularly for those who have stuck with this platform and grown through the lows, this period is more of validation than anything else. It is interesting to imagine what the fuss is all about and how different people will react to the pump.

The Hive chain has different categories of stakeholders, each with likely unique reactions to the price movement. There are of course the large investors whose investments make significant valuations in pricing and a drastic movement of their stake will affect Hive in kind. Everyone seeks out a profit and they are no different. However, for some the investment in Hive is more an institutional one than simply trying to profit off a pump and dump. While many of them may not be active on the chain, I reckon for most it will be a waiting game to see just how well the movements are and what kind of outside attention it generates.

Next we have what I call 'generation Hivers' who could range from anywhere between Orcas and Large Dolphins. Many of these participants have grown alongside the Hive chain and continue to play an important role in the daily progress of the chain. I refer to this category of people as the 'Big Boys' because for many of those just starting on the Hive chain, it is people behind these accounts they tend to admire, get the attention of or plot a similar growth trajectory.

Let's face it, very few of us are ever going to be Whales on Hive, especially as the value trends upwards in the future. Not many people simply have hundreds of thousands (or more accurately today, millions) of dollars to buy a very large Hive stake. However, we could perhaps realistically hope to be Dolphins with some level of investments.

The 'Big Boys' are at a stage now where they have some level of choices. I mean they could afford to take some profits, divest into other investments or simply earning even higher returns on the chain, all without hurting their core stake. For those who desire to get to that level, one advice does come to mind.

Don't Dine Prematurely

To put it simply, if we take a large amount of profits from our hive stake and use them to expand our consumer lifestyles with no thoughts towards investing, then we'd simply be back to square one at the next correction. The key lesson is to focus on growth as a smaller account even as we experience record profits.


I personally realize how difficult it is, but am convinced that it is possible to achieve a substantial level of growth if that is our priority. The prices may go into even more unprecedented territories over the next few weeks/months, making profit taking even more difficult to resist. We can all take profits, but I've made the mistake of not growing when I had the chance once, so I'll be doing my best to keep that growth and investment mantra up.

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