You can Earn ANC for Collateralising ETH on Anchor (Terra) and borrowing UST.... (How to Guide)

Yes that's right the Anchor Protocol on the Terra Network will PAY YOU in ANC for borrowing UST against collateralised bETH.....…

If I were Hive Dictator for a Day...

With the chance to be Hive dictator for a day, this is what I would do: Reduce social rewards from 65% of the token inflation pool to…

Cryptocurrency: The Haves And Have Mores

We live in an economic system based upon scarcity. This has led to a lot of problems over the years. In fact, it is something that seems…

DeFi: Showing Signs How It Is The Future Of Finance

The hottest topic in cryptocurrency last year shows no signs of slowing down in 2021. We are seeing a lot of attention coming into this…

How to set up Metamask for Binance Smart Chain

Let me hope you are all aware of the high fees on the Ethereum blockchain that have hindered many people(me inclusive) from swapping or…

A Whole Ecosystem

Authored by: @hetty-rowan A whole ecosystem! Today not so much the consideration of a cryptocurrency, but it seemed…

LeoInfra Onboarding Report and Dev Updates

LeoInfra is our onboarding system for the Hive blockchain. Each day, new users on are creati

Quick Guide to staking on and minting VAI stable coin (another BNB DEFI option) is a lending platform on Binance Smart Chain which allows you to stake a range of Bwrapped or Binance chain coins and use them…

BNB Price Shoots Up Above 300$ | Here Are The Top 5 DeFi Staking Apps On BSC

In an explosive manner the BNB price reached 300$ at the moment of writing this. The main reason is the Binance Smart Chain! DeFi on BSC…

10 Websites You Should Include In Your Daily Routine

There are many new people joining up the cryptoverse every single day. If I read it right, the number of cryptocurrency users is equal to…

It Is Easy To See Success After It Happened

How often had we lived by the rule "hindsight is 2020"? We all have done it. There was an opportunity before us and we passed. Of…

2021: A Look Ahead

The past 12 months saw a great deal of advancement in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Compared to where things stood back in…

From MetaMask To A Writer's Portfolio On LeoFinance!

It could be the start of the most incredible journey. A life changing experience for both upcoming and established writers. There are so…

Ethereum Outreach and Onboarding Initiative | Earn 400 HIVE + 550 LEO

Now that Metamask has been integrated into

Why I Always Encourage People To Lose Money

Hey Jessinvestors I am no professional investor, If I had the choice I wouldn't even bother to do it, I would work and save and go about…

LeoFinance 2020 Roadmap

We’ve been working hard to finalize a roadmap for 2020. I have

How Do We Grow Hive?

I saw a few conversations over the past few days on Twitter and Hive posts talking about marketing for the Hive blockchain. User growth is…

Two Story Building 3D Printed: The Race Is On

Over the past few months, we see a race in the world of 3D printing. Specifically, companies are trying to outdo each other by printing…

Time for a moment of grief and/or reflection.

Is it that bad news? Yes, to me it is. And I'm sure for a lot of others here the feeling must be similar. What am I talking…
2 yr

Steem is about to get a LOT better.

If you haven't been watching the Steemfest live streams you should. Tons of great presentations that will get you pumped about what's…