Living Full Time On Crypto - A Few Tips and Tricks

Living on cryptocurrencies full time is a goal that many of us dream of, but is not for everyone. This life is not for the faint of heart…

Literally Everyone after the 20% HBD Update

Who's been making some calculations ? Random GIFS from the Internets (Giphy & IMGflip) to celebrate earning 20% APR on $HBD Savings…
1 mo

Cartel.Swap: Change HBD ↔ SWAP.HBD and HIVE ↔ SWAP.HIVE with Lower Fees for CARTEL Holders

_While everyone is eagerly awaiting our account report, we have been developing a new service in parallel and are happy to announce the…

Cult DAO (CULT) Update

I posted yesterday regarding $CULT - CULT DAO and had not even realized what I had speculated on a few weeks ago until reviewed more of…

Cult DAO (CULT) - The Next Shibu Inu or RUG ?

I picked up a stack a while ago just in case $CULT goes absolutely parabolic. I have no idea what it does or what the tech is behind it.…

Thanks Credit Karma :)

Just received this notice in an email from Credit Karma : Good news: the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your Credit Karma Money™…
1 mo

Marketplace GO Live Date Revealed - Secret Bonus Revealed - with LVL

Welcome We promised more information about the Marketplace today and we’re delivering. First, before I reveal more about that…

The Official ChiFiBots Whitepaper

Hello Hivians, We hope your day has been great! As the NFT Studios team prepare for blockchain week in early April in Miami we'd like to…

Tier 7 ChiFiBots Purchased - 2 more days left in Presale


Bear Market ? Crypto Memes haha :)

Everyones all depressed today so I decided to cheer some people up with some Crypto Memes. Any South Park Fans out there? All these…

$CARTEL , Blackholes & The Next Generation of Gaming

On December 17th, @flauwy officially launched $CARTEL "Praetoria Cartel" , A Dividend Token for the 1UP-Cartel Community. If you have…

Some fun Bitcoin crash memes

We have to endure these wild swings in Crypto, Humor is a great coping mechanism. Hang in their and the future is still looking bright.

Lowcap GEM !

$FART Token is currently at a market Cap of $10.08 and the All Time High for $FART was $1.03 ! What an amazing opportunity this is to…

My Hive Story.... So, what's yours?

I've been wanting to make my own Hive Story post since I saw everyone else write one but I've been so scattered brained lately. I just…

Fartdrop Inside - Hurry Claim Your $Fart - Fartshot in 24 Hours!!!

The new Bitcoin is here. Today. And you can get a smell of it for free. Leave a comment down below in the next 24 hours and get some…

Farting Community + Entire unissued $FART Tokens for sale

Accepting offers in: $HIVE $SBD $BTC $ETH $SOL $LUNA $MATIC Upon agreement Master Key for Farting Community and just under 21mil…
2 yr

ALL users who VOTED for witnesses - Check which votes you miss and save the Steem!

This list shows accounts that were actively voting for witnesses from 2020-03-01, but lack of more votes for our friendly witnesses…

Reminder: Do Not Vote For Witnesses Running Version 22.5

This is just a reminder to make sure you are voting for the Steem Witnesses and not the Tron fluff. Anyone running the 22.5 is what Tron…

The Simpsons Explain Crypto

Crypto explained by The Simpsons Other times The Simpsons predicted the future

When Peter Shiff loses his BitcoinPassword

this guys is supposed to be a currency expert lol