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When I talk about Web3/blockchain (social audio/podcasts/video/social posts) it is with a very narrow focus geared towards content creators. I am encouraging creators to consider the blockchain as another content destination. In the same way they once upon a time added Instagram, or Pinterest, or TikTok as part of their overall content workflow.

I seem to be making inroads with this model. It's slow and steady awareness and understanding. One I think is realistic which encourages informed onboarding.

The more of us who are out there sharing our personal experiences the better. What I like about your post and the Primer @shadowspub has created or what @dreemsteem is doing with DreemPort is how varied and different the info is presented. Hopefully, one will resonate with newbies and encourage them to give Web3 a try.

We all know this is a long game proposition. Yet, if we are going to be creating content anyway, why not include blockchain into the mix? The possibility of micro-monetization exists on day one. Which is a far cry from traditional social media platforms which require creators to qualify and apply for partner/creator program consideration.

The reality is we have everything we need to get started right here and right now.

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It is an entirely new model and will take time for people to adopt. There is so much left to do. We still lack a lot of infrastructure. Those involved truly are trailblazers.

As things expand, more will join. The marketing will get easier over time.

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