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It started out as a game, a challenge to see if I'm capable of surviving in this world, I thought this is a good occasion to learn about crypto and practice English. Then I started accumulating and staking Hive and later other tokens as they appeared.

As funny as it sounds, I've never thought about my account as valuable, because I've never had any intention to cash out my earnings. I've been enjoying doing this and my stake has been growing and growing as number of tokens. The value of my stake has been like a roller coaster ride, have had ups and downs but can't tell you for sure as I'm not the type of looking at the price of the tokens every day.

Reality Check

Yesterday for some unknown reason I wanted to see how much my accounts worth in USD and was shocked to see the result as it was $9,100. That could be peanuts for some and a fortune for many.

When I look back and think of how I got my stake worth $9,100, I see a mix of work, fun, learning, experiencing things, meeting new people, engaging and getting paid for it. But when I look at the value of it in $ or €, I am starting to see the change.


Yesterday I thought let's see what I could buy with that fiat and this is one item I could buy with my stake in a few months.


This is a Dacia make Sandero model, a car manufactured in Romania by Renault's Dacia-Lada. It costs 8,600€ and it's the cheapest. Obviously it's not a a Tesla or any other trendy car, but it's new, could take me from A to B and help me move around.


If things go well, I could buy it this year. Would I do that? Nope, I would not :) My heart would bleed knowing I have spent all my stake on a car that the minute you drive out of the dealer's parking lot, already worth less as it's considered used car and the value of it will depreciate every day.

Investing Your Earnings

At some point I was tempted to power down to buy a camera, to be able to post quality photos, participate in contests and monetize my photographs on other platforms. After some should I, shouldn't I, decided to buy a camera I can afford without powering down. The camera I bought was good, but in a year my phone had a 2x better camera and that was then. Now the camera doesn't even worth mentioning as it's outdated. You can take better photos with your phone. Technology and science is advancing at break neck speed, what you buy today is outdated tomorrow. Powering down to buy a camera would have been a big mistake that I would have regret for sure.

What's Next?

After three years on the SteemHive blockchain I'm starting to see my stake as an investment fund, growing day by day. Wasting is not my style but since I started my journey in the cryptocurrency world, I'm controlling my spending more and utilizing my resources smarter. Small things matter long term. Small bits can add up in time and make a difference one day.

This year is going to be interesting. Airdrops has already been announced and having a some stake helps you get a bigger airdrop. Communities are getting stronger and tokens start to have value. Swapping one for another has always been a n option but now is becoming more and more important. You can diversify your portfolio, concentrate on projects backed up by development as those tokens will have value in the future.

If you play it right, you can have a retirement fund saved on this blockchain. It is possible, you just have to be patient and consistent. Greediness has its price and it's never good.

Our blockchain is still young, less than one year old as the past 3 years spent under steemit.inc can only count as practice fighting for freedom. Possibilities are endless here. The best is yet to come. Invest in investment projects like LBI, that pays you dividends and help you double, triple your investment in time. Buy tokens when the price is still low.

So stake, HODL, stake, HODL, stake, HODL and make smart choices.

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