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If you're new or you've been living under the rock, let me tell you about LBI.


The LeoBacked Investment (LBI) token is the first of it's kind, the 1st token to be valued completely in LEO. Each LBI token represents a percentage ownership in the overall fund including all LEO, HIVE, off-chain and wallets operated by @lbi-token. The goal is to provide a community based and ran investment vehicle focused primarily on the LeoFinance community and LEO token. We will provide a weekly LEO dividend payment to all token holders whilst also increasing the value of the LBI token slowly but consistently over the long term by only investing into things that will stand the test of time. Long term we hope that by staking 100,000+ LEO from future token sales will to help remove some liquid LEO from HE wallets thus adding scarcity to the LEO token price. source

The project has been going on for 5 months or so and it's a success, trust me. Here's the last LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #18 , you can check how we're doing.

Right now the profit comes from posting, curating, participating in CUB DeFi and so on. In the future LBI may fund new projects, that are voted by the community. For the moment dividend payments are halted and dividends are reinvested for a bigger profit.

About three weeks ago token holders voted in favor of hardcaping LBI, because token issuing has dropped a lot. The hardcap will happen on the 7th of May. You still have roughly 10 days to fill your LBI bag and enjoy the benefits later. After the hardcap, LBI tokens will be available on the secondary market at a price determined by supply and demand.

All you have to do is send LEO to @lbi-token and your tokens will be issued in 24 hours. 1 LBI = 1.2 LEO. Holding tokens means you're benefiting from the profit LBI is making, plus you can participate in decision taking, by voting.

LBI is available at the market as we speak, but the price is higher that the issuing price. 1 LBI is available at 1.460000 HIVE, which is around 1.58 LEO as the cheapest LEO on the market is at 0.920000 HIVE.

There's a high chance once the harcap is done, the price goes up. So think it over, look at the richlist to see if you can find some trusted names to give you confidence and decide if you want to be part of the investors or sit it out. I'd say come onboard as it's a great opportunity to earn.

I'm holding around 1300 LBI right now and planning to buy every day as much as I can, till the hardcap happens.


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