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The other day there was a tweet from @leofinance, letting us know there's a new leofinance.io update coming and also asked the community to report what we think needs fixing.


Any bug fixing is good and necessary and I'm looking forward to seeing the new update, but I also like to bring a few bugs on Leo DEX to the attention of the team.

I'm using Leo Dex because of the discounted fees and because it has a lot of cool features, but has also quite a few bugs, that need fixing. I'm going to list them here and notify the dev team as I have promised. If you have any other suggestions besides what will be mentioned here, please leave a comment under this post, so the dev team can see it.

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Staking After Changing Account

This is maybe the most important and the most dangerous if you don't pay attention.

I'm managing more than one account and when switching to another account, I have to be careful and check everything.

For example, when I want to stake tokens, in the pop-up window shows the previous account name. This is a huge problem because if you don't pay attention, you can stake to the other account. It happened to me twice now.

Suggestion: leave the box blank so the user can type the account name, or make the account default. This needs fixing as it's dangerous.

Default Landing Page After Switching Accounts

It happens quite often, when I'm switching accounts, to land on the wallet page of the previous account that I have just logged off. Clickling Wallet doesn't help, efreshing the page helps, but it should be by default, not done manually.

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Transfer By Clicking

When selling or buying, make it possible so we can transfer our whole balance by clicking on the amount available. It's quite uncomfortable to type in the amount every time.


Right now there's no way we can check who have we delegated to. It would be helpful to have a list with delegation and not being forced to go check elsewhere.

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Vote Weight Multiplier

I'm not sure what's the situation now, but a couple of month ago I know this function was not working with Hivesigner. I had to switch to KeyChain in order to be able to use it.

With Hivesigner, the multiplier went back to 1, which is the default. Worth checking out the problem as many don't know what's causing it and can't use it.

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Please feel free to add your suggestion in a comment. Let's contribute, help devs in order to have the best tools.

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