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I've been using Leofinance for some time now and there's something I don't like, so today I'd like to make a suggestion. I don't know who's the dev behind @leofinance, so I'm tagging @khaleelkazi.

Right now the front page is divided in a few sections, we have

  • Curators Pick
  • Popular
  • Latest

Curators Pick is in the top, below which you can see Popular and Latest.

screenshot source

As you can see, Popular gets roughly 2/3 of the page width, while Latest only 1/3, like the latest posts wouldn't be so important. This is a bit frustrating as the Popular section isn't changing so fast, you see the same posts every day for a few days. What most of us are interested in is the new posts. New posts are just as important, so I believe a 50/50 space division would be much better.

The other thing I'd like to point out is the lack of details in the Latest section. There's no post date/time, details about upvotes, comments and the value of the post in LEO. Most likely this is due to lack of space, but this is only a guess. In order to see those details, you have to click See More New Posts.

The other suggestion is to implement an option that permits users to close/hide the Promoted post. After reading the post once, there's no point in seeing it every day till the promotion expires. No offense.

A mobile app would also be great which is probably planned already, or at least I hope it is.

pg divider206.png

Also, our friend @edje had a suggestion the other day here -> LEO DEX: BUG Report / Some Suggestions Included. I haven't seen a reply form anyone I know from Leo, so I'm mentioning the post here, just in case.

Thanks for reading my suggestion post.

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