March, The Best Month So Far

11 days ago
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Today is April's Fool day but this is not a prank, it's real, so no worries, I'm not going to fool you, what I'm talking about in this post is 100% real.



Before I tell you about my month, let's talk about BTC.

We have a saying in Hungarian that we use when something is extremely expansive. We say az aranynak az árában mérik, which translated into English means it is measured in the price of gold, meaning it costs as much as gold.

Today Binance posted this photo which made me laugh as it reminded me of this saying we have, but it's true.


1kg of gold worth 1 BTC (almost). This statement may not be valid for long as the volatility of bitcoin is well known, not long ago we've seen BTC dropping $2000 in just half an hour, so you can expect everything. I can mark March as the month in which 1kg of gold equaled 1 BTC and look back in a year or two to see which one was more profitable. If you were to make a prediction, what would you say? I would bet on BTC :)


However, looking back to March, BTC had a roller coaster ride as always. The best thing that could happen was the dip at the beginning of March that gave me and many others the possibility to invest more.


Today is HPUD day but For me HIVE Power Up Day is every day, just like LEO Power Up Day as I power up most of my earnings as they come, to be able to reward others. However March was an exceptional month, as I redirected some of my HIVE (through Binance) and LEO to CUB DeFi, so I can provide liquidity and also invested fiat in the game to be able to participate in pools and dens.

The title of my post says March was the best month so far on the Hive blockchain I mean as CUB DeFi went live and we all got the chance to participate. We not only got the chance to put our CUB to work, but also to learn and practice how the farms and dens work, experimenting what's the best solution for our stake.


How many sleepless hours we spent learning and calculating it doesn't matter now. In this business you have to be where things happen, when things happen. One of those moments was when CUB has reached its ATL. That was the moment to buy and double your investment as now CUB worth $4.084. Isn't that nice?


Khal and the team decided to give us another gift when farms and dens got rearranged and fees dropped. The bLEO - BNB LP has an 50% discount fee and the CUB den is allocated 50% more CUB.

Let's not forget another very important event that happened this week I guess, when HIVE reached its ATH, breaking through $1 for the first time.

I feel like we've been dormant for one year as HIVE price is regarded and our hard work is starting to pay off. It's still a lot to do and a long way ahead of us, but we're on the right track.


Even with redirecting some of my earnings, the charts look good, my stake is growing nicely. My plan is still to power up some of my liquid HIVE and redirect the rest towards LEO or CUB DeFi. We need to build the future and accumulating and using our stake to help others growing is the only way. It would be foolish to cash out at this point.

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