When Your Own Mindset Is Working Against You

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Yesterday I came across this tweet that caught my eye. It's a prediction based on technical analysis by Michaël van de Poppe, a full time trader from Amsterdam Stock Exchange, technical analyst and coach. There's also a video in which he explains things.


Taking into consideration that BTC is at $57,900, ETH at $2,900, DOT is at $38, ChainLink at $39 and so on, these numbers look amazing if you have your bags filled with them. He says 2022 and 2023 to be the top, but even so, compared to what we are now, it will be great.

So based on his estimation, we still have a good year or two to get there, or near that level as obviously no one knows what the future holds.


Those who are in crypto for some time know how this world is working. Bitcoin has been around for a decade now and we've seen ups and down and that goes for every possible coin basically, except for those that had only downs or have not moved at all.

Some are traders, some hodlers, some are not in crypto at all, so we have different mindset. Some get into crypto early and quite many are filthy rich now. This proves that if you're doing it right, you can get rich too. Bitcoin and others are getting accepted by the big players and soon crypto will take over fiat.


It's interesting to see how people see things and how some think about the situation.

Some think if you don't have any crypto, especially Bitcoin, you have missed the train. They say if you haven't bought when BTC was under $1k or $2k, it's just not worth is as now it's too expensive.

I see this mentality on Hive as well. If you are not an early adopter, you are a loser. If you haven't bought that token when it was $0.05, then you have missed the train.

The funny thing is you see them shilling the coin on every platform hoping to get to $10 or better yet, to the moon. The other funny thing is we want mass adoption, mass onboarding as well.


Well, the ugly truth is crypto is bouncing in a funny way. This is the BTC chart just to mention an example. There are ups and dows, there's always a retracement, there are higher highs, lower lows and that is how it works.


The HIVE chart is not any better, it looks like a roller coaster ride and we know why.

Now this is exactly why crypto is good. Buy the red, sell the green, remember? This is an opportunity to buy cheap and sell later or invest it in any way you can. Volatility is good if you know how to use it to your advantage.

I wish this mentality can change in time. If we want to change the world and onboard everyone, then we have to accept that those joining later will not be able to buy cheap or as cheap as early adopters. We need to understand that not everyone is wealthy to be able to invest in every possible coin when it is launched.

Besides, crypto means a lot more than buying early and hodling. In a few years you're going to see major changes as institutions are joining. It's time for crypto education and the sooner, the better.

Crypto can mean your financial future but not for closed-minded people who think there's only one opportunity and if you miss it, you're out. In order for you to make a profit, someone has to buy what you're selling.

This is a process and I guess it takes time to change people's mind. Good thing these people are not the majority, otherwise the market would not exist. It's time to wake up and see things for what they are. The old financial system is outdated, it's time for a new one.

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