Dogecoin value plummets

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Dogecoin has been trending on the news these past months. Asides the fact that it’s becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, the price is also rising at a very significant level which is attracting a lot of investors.

As a result of the recent tweet by Elon Musk who declared his intention to bring Dogecoin on the Saturday Night Live show on may 8, the price of Doge has gone up to about 18% in just a couple of days. This has increased the demand for Doge as a lot of crypto investors are buying in anticipation of May 8.

Millions of investors worldwide are currently looking for ways to buy the crypto. While some are still being critical and analyzing the future possibilities, some are ready to take the bull by the horn, not willing to take this great opportunity for granted. As result, there has been such a significantly high demand that has spurred companies like eToro to start supporting Dogecoin.

It was reported that eToro Exchange, one of the exchanges in Europe and USA started supporting Doge because of the high demand which has raised the value of the coin. Many are speculating the future possibilities of Dogecoin growing to the level of bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies.

The volatility of the crypto market could make it uneasy to make concrete decisions but sometimes, some risks are worth taking. With the support of prominent business tycoons and futurists like Elon Musk, there seems to be a higher possibilities for profit on Dogecoin investment.

There is a very high tendency that more prominent companies will join the train in a bid to meet the demands of investors. It looks like there are bigger opportunities and profitabilities for crypto enthusiasts especially dogecoin investors this period.