Build Use Case for Crypto. Survive Recession.

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Global recession kills most of the hyped and the fringe products off the market. Many products and the services which are based on the future growth speculation lose out on funds and die during this period.

A lot of games, metaverses, tech products which are speculative in nature and are based on hopes of future growth and investment are likely to get damaged in near future.

Why? Because investors and the consumers both reduce their investments in the speculative products. And that is kind of amplified behavior during the financial recession.

In order for crypto to become a norm in the society, we have to create the use case with the crypto. This would create the confidence in the market and helps bring new cashflow in the market.


Build a Game, Metaverse or NFTs

In order for crypto to get accepted by more people in near future, we need something in which they are likely to pay in crypto. In such case using the tech to create products like game, metaverse and NFTs would be a good option.

Take example of Splinterlands, people don't worry about blockchain behind but they are interested in the use case of that game. It's entertainment and also rewards for the game. So it gives something back to gamer and investor.

When we build the game or metaverse or even NFTs that would open up a market that would help the community on internet to adopt the blockchain and in short crypto tokens to own those assets.

Build Infrastructure for Data and Consumers

When you build the infrastructure for the data using the blockchain that would help the consumer and the market at the same time. For example, say some of the blockchains are being used to hold the medical data of certain city and they are using it privately.

As you can see such exposure of the blockchain also opens them up towards the market where Ethereum, Hive and Bitcoin are known to the people. And this means there is a chance for adoption of it and more cashflow that may come in market.

At the end, more infrastructure tools and platforms in blockchain the better.

Build Community for Crypto

Hive has been in this zone. It has fostered some active community of the crypto users. A lot of them are engaged in many strong projects and this means they are educating the internet with some new data.

Having a dedicated crypto community helps out novice users in the space. It also helps new internet users to get into the blockchian. More newbie friendly content the better for the growth of many blockchains which includes hive too.

More quality information on the crypto the more it would be inviting cashflow from the novice in the market.

Recession cycles happen every now and then. But we have to plan for the days ahead of the recession. This would help build our future runway for the investment and also helps secure existing investment. Having use cases for blockchain is crucial to that base plan.

Community, use case and adoption is the only way market is going to recover.

What do you think?

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