Why Are You Bullish On Crypto

I’m not going to lie, buying crypto every week is a drug to me right now. I used to wonder how addicts get the money they use in buying…

My first crypto investment experience

source Today I made my first withdrawal from my hi

How I would spend one million dollar

source One milli

Money lessons I wish I knew

Lately, all I have been thinking about is how to generate more money daily, I sleep and wake up just thinking about money😔 when I was…

Week’s Meeting Assisting @readthisplease Onboard New Hiver Users

image gotten from screenshot from zoom meeting My journey so far has been smooth thanks to @readthisplease, he has been a mentor to so…

Week 1 Trying To Onboard New Users Into Hive.

This week has really been overwhelming for me and my friends trying to onboard new Hive users. It has been an hourly activity for me and…

Financial stress

Ever been too nervous to check your bank balance? [source](

BITCOIN -Shady or the future of finance?

image source A few years ago I was misinformed ab

Getting started on hive

It is still my first week on hive, sincerely it can be difficult finding your feet on hive at first, thanks for the guidance on signing…

Hi, i am Esther scott and this is my Hive introduction

Hello hivers i am Esther scott, I’m a nigerian with a first class degree in geology and petroleum studies, i am a business developer, a…