Sub $1 HIVE is Here || Be Bold and Accumulate

As expected HIVE has dipped below a dollar. There was a slight chance and it happened. Obviously just like many other cryptocurrencies…

Passion to business

A lot of motivational speakers about business ideas would tell you to think of your passion, and turn them into a great business. you…



Hive-engine tags you could use to increase your reach and earning

The second layer of hive has numerous tokens that offer differing value proposals. However, one consistent thing between virtually all of…

FANTOM(FTM):What’s Your Opinion On The Token & It’s Technology?

I must say I can’t turn blind eye to FTM anymore, through out this year, I have been seeing FTM everywhere but I kept on ignoring because.…

The Biggest Shift In Cryptocurrency In 2022

We saw a lot of evolution in cryptocurrency over the past 5 years. Much of what was taking place back then is no longer. There was…

My Hive Story: Better Value For My Time

This trend has been all over my feed and I hope I'm not late to the party. I have told my hive story a couple of times in the past and…

My Hive story: Four years already? That was fast

Who doesn't love a good story? I know I do. My story starts on the 17th of December 2017. I was a Youth Corp member serving in Jos…

Why Do You Power Up Hive

This post was inspired by @ph1102 post watch it and thank me later When I joined Hive I didn’t know the potentials of Hive, I was…

Advantages Of Using PEAKD To Transfer Hive To Avoid Mistakes

Good day guys, as we all know, Hive is more than just a social media platform, it’s also our personal bank where we can save our money and…

Why Are You Bullish On Crypto

I’m not going to lie, buying crypto every week is a drug to me right now. I used to wonder how addicts get the money they use in buying…

How I would spend one million dollar

source One milli

Money lessons I wish I knew

Lately, all I have been thinking about is how to generate more money daily, I sleep and wake up just thinking about money😔 when I was…

Week’s Meeting Assisting @readthisplease Onboard New Hiver Users

image gotten from screenshot from zoom meeting My journey so far has been smooth thanks to @readthisplease, he has been a mentor to so…