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image.png is a DApp that shows our day to day engagement on Hive. It helps keep a conscious tab of how we are growing on Hive.

According to the developers, they say we built Hivestats from the ground up as something that is both flexible and user-friendly. This allows us to easily add/modify any features that our users want.
This tool will allow you to easily track the fluctuations in your Curation APR. shows us the following we need to know about our Hive account:

When you first load the page,, you will be directed to their official page which looks exactly like this


Then from here, all you have to do is to type in your user ID and you are good to go.

First, you'll notice the voting power slider on the top left. Which tells you how much your curation is worth your account can give out on every upvote.


Here also you will notice a break down of all your engagement on the hive blockchain.

It shows us the statistics and analytics of how our account grows daily. it either grows in descending order or ascending


HIVE ENGINE: It is also a tab found in


It records the total rewards we earn from Hive tokens put together such as LEO, SPORTS, LIST, NEOXAG, CHARY, CTP, and others trading tokens on Hive. Our operations, It shows us our wallet


It shows author rewards from Hive tokens earnings in the month and curation rewards from Hive token earned over the month.

It shows the total number of a post made, the total number of people we are following and are following us. It shows us our comments and received upvotes.

it shows our vote value and our voting power. It shows our reputation and our transactions.

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