Hive in the Society : My Full-Time Job As a content creator in Hive from April 2020 till date

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I wan thank the people wey initiate this week write-up @belemo @nonsowrites and @mistakili and @hive-naija wey follow support this week initiative. I believe say many people get wetin to follow choke mouth for this matter for ground.

Wetin me I wan write nah my own life experience wey make me agree and talk say Hive fit be a source of employment, fit empower the youth of our nation as economy dey bend dey go and fit be business for many people.

To me, Hive nah business, source of employment and nah platform for exchange of currency.

Hive as a source of employment and business

I joined Steem or Hiveblockhain since March 2018, but I never understood the value that could be drawn from the blockchain as a place of learning. That was why I have been doing an off and on engagement but something happened in march 2020 when I lost my menial but a heavy-duty job which I was earning USD 26 monthly (10,000 Naira). No laugh oo, the job no be small job oo, because of money, I do two people jobs. I do the lifting wey man for do and I come be a sales representative, accounting wan burst my head.


I call it a menial job because of the lean pay which I was not able to cater for my family's needs and mine as a breadwinner that I was. The work required me to carry 25kg of animal feed and this always made me return home exhausted and famished daily even as a woman. Moreover, I never found Hive as an interesting place as I valued Facebook likes which I never had on my Hive post. There was nothing intriguing about Hive, so I was just an off and on a member (not an active member of the blockchain).

After I had lost my job in march due to some issue and also the inception of the total lockdown of this COVID 19, hunger come dey sing lullaby for I and my sibling's ear, I cried for days but it had no meaning as my problem was not solved. Abi tears dey belle-full person ni?

Then @uyobong reminded me that I was sitting on a gold mind without making use of the best and I was encouraged to start consistent blogging, but there was another problem, I never had a good phone. I been dey use Kpalasa, but I still dey use am till today.

I was then advised to power down my Steem/Hive power which I did and by the end of the month precisely 29 April, I was able to raise funds to buy a second-hand mini laptop which I now use to blog full time.


Since then, blogging on Hive as been my only source of income for the meantime as the economy is still on lockdown. presently, I earn about USD 60 monthly and this is enough to take care of my basic needs and that of my siblings. I got to know how much I earn monthly through app. Below is a screenshot of my daily earnings in the past 30 days.



With my short story above, I don't need many more principles to explain that Hive could be a source of employment and business, though I am yet to tap into the multiple sources of business I am hearing about Hive.

Over this month, my writing abilities have improved with my experiences so far and I can confidently take up a copy-writing job for a website.

Suggested Institutions and Business that could leverage Hive

Been that I have a first-hand experience that Hive could serve as a source of employment and income in the past four-month, it is high time that business outfits and institutions get to adopt Hive. Here are my suggestions:

  • ICT centers should add content curations lessons as part of their curriculum to help their trainees learn and this will be better done on the blockchain

  • online stuff should add Hive as their payment options, this will eliminate transaction fees.

  • Tertiary Institutions lectures could create a community on Hive and ask their students to submit assignments through Hive so they can earn money to offset their education cost.

This nah my entry for this week post wey be "Hive In The Society". I hope say my write-up reach una standard.