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We all know that blockchain is a business premise (market) a place where we drop our content (products) and expect people to check and upvotes (pay). Our upvotes is thenturn into cash after seven days like we all know to meet our needs or staked for future purpose.

Whichever way, I guess i am right about my simple definition of the blockchain. Anyway, if I am not right, then you can help me out in the comment section.

Now, I used the market form to be able to help us all to see where I am driving to.

    In a marketplace, we have so many marketers (content writers) who sell the same products and they all want buyers (The content curators, followers and the commenters) but what makes one marketer outstanding from the other marketer is the quality he or she sells.

In as much as a buyer wants to spend his money wisely, he won't want to spend it on low quality products. So is it in the blockchain, to be able to attract more upvotes and comments, we need to create quality post that not only gains upvote but it is benefiacial to the person upvoting.

Nobody goes to the market to buy what is not useful to him or her. As a content creator in which you are the seller, be sure to give your readers the best. Learn to create a post not just because you need an upvote but becasue you want your content to be of help to those who will come around to read. So craeting quality posts and not just quantity posts will help earn a good upvote and followers.

    A good marketer who knows the needs of his or her consumers will try as much as possible to make available the products the consumer needs but once he been absent from his place of work or do not provode the products for the consumer whenever they come around, they will always get it some whereelse.

Consistency they say is the key to success. Although, at the beginning it may look slow but when we refuse to back down and keep doing what we are doing, we will always accumalate good amount of follwoers good upvotes for ourselves.

When a content curator comes to your blog remebering that he once read content that was amazing and will wish to read more, only for the curator to find nothing again on it, he or she takes i that you are not serious and would move to the next person. You not only loose upvote but you've also loosed a legible follower. So to get upvotes and followers, we need to be consisteent with our content. Although i know days are not the same, there are days you feel tired and stressed out after a long work but do not give too much gap in making a post. It isn't healthy at all.

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    A marketer who needs costumer to always partronize him or her needs to be friendly with his or her consumer. So many of us are afar off and do not know each other except on the blockchain, which is also a platform to make friends too but the only way we can make friends is if we are friendly ourselves and one of the ways we can get that is throguh our post and comments.

The only way we can attract this is by spicing up our content and comments, giving some rooms for interactions between ourselves.

Most people are rigid in reality and so most times, when they are making their content, they write it based on their attitude, character and perspective towards life.

It is advisable we make our content look like we are telling them or better still commanding them but advising them, create a room where people can also throw in their suggestions and intake on the content they just read.

I know we might be thinking not all post, but as a content creater, we have a knowledge of what we want our post to look like and we have the ability to present our post the way we want our reader or follwoers to see it.

It is in our hands to create such atmosphere in our post for interactions. Both in our post and in our comments on other people's post. By so doing, people are happy to come around our blog to read our content, they are always ready to upvote our content, follow us and drop a comment.

    Now, this may sound funny because it is only in churches we hear follow-up but also to get more upvotes and followers, we need to learn how to do follow-up.

A good markerter gets his or her consumar's number and always try to reach out to them to know when they need a products or not, this helps to keep a specific products for them just incase it finished before they come.

I know we can't get each others number, but we have our discord groups here which helps us follow a person we see consistently in our post either in the upvote section or in the comment section.

Now, we can only create the style of follwoing up a people either by always going to check the person's blog, comment on it and upvote it which makes the person do the same to us. When the flow is there, our upvotes and fan base grows daily.

I hope I have been able to help us and it will be my joy if we drop our comments on the tips we also know to help each and everyone of us.

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