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I remember those years I worked for a firm that sold animal feeds every day, I had to keep stock of my day to day sales, the receipt and the goods got from the producer every day.

I always made sure every expense and receipt were kept orderly daily so I could be able to make a detailed account at the end of the sales or month.

I noticed that it helped me and my boss a lot to know how many bags I was able to sell a day and a month and helped us to know which stock had much increase in the market, which one to get the next month and which not to get.

One significant thing I noticed was that every month, because of our detailed recording it helped us accumulate more customers because goods were always available and the firm kept increasing with many goods.

Many businessmen and women fail because they do not know the right way to keep track of their business performance.

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Many people do not know as they don't really care if there are having a loss as long as they get their money but it necessary for each and every one of us to monitor, evaluate and always check whether we are growing or stagnant in our businesses.

It is necessary to always weigh your profit growth at each end of the month as it makes you know if you need to work hard, your errors, and where to make corrections.

All thanks to the inventors of who has made it possible for us to be able to track our performances on the blockchain.

Keeping track of our performances whether in business or in a blockchain helps in the growth of our business and always gives us an edge over our counterparts. It makes us ready and prepared for another stage of our business.

There are tips to which we can keep track of our performances

  • Keep records of your daily sales on a book-keeping
  • Keep records of all expenses
  • Make sure all receipts are stored safely and organized in a safe place
  • Make plans ahead of time
  • When you use some amount of money, make sure to write it down just in case you are giving it to someone.
  • Always remember to write down the purpose of the money
  • Keep check of various activities and commodities
  • At the end of each sale or each month, make a detailed account
  • Keep your personal income or expenses away from your business expenses.

Most people may feel keeping track of their business performances may be difficult but if we learn to keep a daily track of our performances, it will help us to be able to make a detailed account at the end of every sales or month. When we do this daily, it will be easier to keep track of our business performance.

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