I am an emerging ShePreneur, Do I have a place in ProjectHope Community? My Introduction

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Greetings to all members of the @Project.hope community. I ama Nigerian, female looking out for ways to discover herself in business for financial freedom, self-reliance, and sustainability. My experiences in the last eight years have not been very friendly having lost a breadwinner for the family.

All attempts to gather life back has been like packing water in baskets, such that you work for many hours (like an elephant) then earn like an ant. I told myself it's time to quit the modern-day slavery and then begin a sustainable life.

My Entrepreneurship Journey Begins...

In my locality, being an entrepreneur as a woman is not a normal life. Those who take the giant stride are seen as being so brave. However, I have come to discover that mn was created with every endowment to help him live sustainably and choose to collaborate for improved outcomes.


I take those days I served people to be my training years. I have acquired the skills as the pay was not worth the stress. It's time to leap with the knowledge received.

In the last 15 months, I found myself as a sales personnel for a livestock company. A company where animal feeds are sold. I leveraged the opportunity to tap knowlw=edge from the feed producers as well as the end-users (the poultry and livestock farmers). I van say, I'm fit to startup on my own.

My Oil Extraction Business

I started my oil business when I found out that my monthly allowance was not helping me and since I had a lot of responsibilities, I have been investing my time, energy and resources in this oil business and I can boldly say I have made a lot of profits from it during this lockdown period. The oil is extracted from agricultural produce which is our coconut


My Groundnut Business

I then decided to go into another trade which is Groundnut. I do the frying and peeling myself and then put it into a jar or bottle for sell. It was also a profitable business and I had a lot of consumers who got my groundnut on a weekly basis.

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Now all other jobs I was doing aren't working again since this lockdown started. I decided to go into blogging and it has helped me a lot. Blogging has paid my bills and has helped provide all my necessary needs.

My wish as a young and aspiring Shepreneur who wants to be of help to her community is to have many businesses that will help lives and that is why I am here on this community to seek advice on how to do that.

Why am I Joining ProjectHope Community?

Having seen that this community is communitted to promotin business and technology contents, I hope that being a part here would avail me the opportunity to learn buisiness and enrrepreneural tips from other users as wel as how to leverage technology to boost my business.

Moreover, I am hopeful that I will be able to collaborate with members of the community to build 5he community for the common good of all. I will set @ph-fund as beneficiary to 20% of my post earnings in all posts submitted to this community as stipulated.

I will share business and technology related contents regularly and as well engage the blogs of other users.

I thank @Crypto.Piotr, @Joanmolina and other leaders of this community for all the work they've put in place to build this community.

Thank you once again for giving your time to read my introduction post to @Project.hope community.