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Wow, three days ago, I was notified by HiveBuzz that I have unlocked a new badge and successfully created 650 posts, 1,000 comments, and 16,000 upvotes being a part of this blockchain.

Let's just say, the joy of getting to the 67th reputation got my attention that I had to click the HIVEBUZZ to no more about my statistics which lead me into finding out that there is more about this Hivebuzz.

Thanks to the Project Design @arcange, the Web Designer @techybear, the Graphic Designer @captaink for making this fabulous tool that helps me track my engagement statistics on this blockchain.

With the HIVEBUZZ, I was able to find out my Rank, Name, Level, Reputation, and many more.

  • 2837 Rank
  • evegrace Name
  • image.png Level
  • 674 Posts
  • 30,600 Upvoted

Fortunately enough, I have other badges to unlock which is a result of the above real figures.

In my next badge, as you can see, I am unlocking: 700 posts, 1,500 comments, and 17,000 upvotes.


I am where I am as a result of the quality post, my comments, upvotes, and all my active followers and those I am following on this blockchain whose comments and upvotes have been keeping me going.

I really do appreciate you all for the effort and time put in visiting my post to comments and upvote them.

In as much as I am where I am not only because of my post but because of the upvotes and comments of others who trust my work, I will keep on engaging other users as well as new users as I grow here which is the only way to move the blockchain forward.

I hope to keep growing and also hope everyone is growing as well.

See you at my next level.

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