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Hurray, Okay guys, there is this saying that says, in every little thing we are opportune to have, we should give thanks.

You might be wondering why I am saying this, but the truth is, I have been waiting for the day I will finally reach 800Hp, and today I clock 800 Hp.


To me, this is a huge success for me because I love to see my power grow. Just like I am celebrating my increase in Hp, I will also soon be celebrating my increase in reputation.

It has not been really easy as we all know that blockchain requires much time and consistency, all thanks to God but I can't stop smiling because I can see an increase in my power.

I remember telling you all how I was motivated by @uyobong to reach 600 Hive power in just one week, although, during that period, I didn't take such serious because I felt there was no need for such, when I got to 600Hp, I could feel the joy in me, I decided to make it a point to duty to track my hp and work hard to make sure I get to 800Hp.

Funny enough, I was also motivated by @coyotelation when he wrote in his post the excitement of reaching 1000hp and I tell you, it was a big motivation for me which I pray to still keep thriving till I get to that 1000Hp.

I can't forget in a hurry was made it a point of duty to always check my hive power and count how many days remaining to get to 800hp, at a point in time when there was a decrease in Hive and always my post payout always decrease before the end of seven days. It was terrible on my end but I never gave up on getting to 800hp before the end of this month and here I am writing this post with excitement in my heart.

I won't fail to thank those who always make out time to curate my post and comment on, I really do appreciate your effort. You all made it possible for me. I love you all.

Let's keep doing this.

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