What Keeps Leo Going

26 days ago
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I have actually been thinking lately about what the world would look like without giving or better still lets put it still what blockchain would have looked like without curation.

I have come to realize that Leofinance will be a very boring place without curation and as a matter of fact, curation is more rewarding than content creation because it doesn’t take your time most especially when you are running an auto-curation account.

The good book admonishes us to give that it will come back to us, good measure pressed down, shaken together and even running over shall men give unto us. When we curate other people’s content, we also share in the showers that fall from it. Curation keeps the blockchain going.

When we upvote other people’s content, we are being kind to them, one of the things most of us fail to understand is that we get more of whatever it is when we freely give to people.

One way to which we can have more is when we curate other people's content. Curating and commenting is a way of appreciating the content curators for the effort they've put in their content.

Those who give will lack nothing, but those who refuse to give receive nothing. There is no way you can curate content and not get your curations rewards back

This is really captivating. A lot of people here have actually refused upvoting people’s content and it is obvious the reason they cannot grow. It is not by how long you’ve been here but by how much you engage other people's content and for the records upvote.

An increase in Leofinance comes by curating people’s content and when we refuse to curate we cannot get an increase.

Every curation we sow into people’s life has the capacity to grow and produce fruit for another person or for ourselves to take from. Every curation we make not only germinate for those we curate to only eat from but also germinate for us to eat from.

When we curate other people's content we not only help them, but we also help ourselves because we have a reward for every little curation on people's posts.

One of the things which will keep Leo going is when we engage on other people post by curating their post.

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