RE: ASUS ROG 6 Pro 5G: The Smartphone Built For Gamers!

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First off, love the Canva image you made and how you framed the device (in white) on the right, like the fonts too, well done!

As for the phone, I don't think we have that brand here but I have heard of the company which is known for their computers. I have a 5000 mAh moto G Power and you can never have too much battery, so 6K is great.

It's good to see others gett into the high-end phone market dominated by the best of the best: Apple. You may not have the money to afford it now, but I've every confidence that one day you will. :)

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Yeah the battery is definitely an awesome plus! I haven’t heard of your device until now. I’ll check it out. I check phones out at my free time for fun lol.

Yeah I’m happy to see other brands coming out to conquer other sectors of the smartphone market too. It’s boring having Apple and Samsung leading the entire smartphone market for such a long time.

Haha I hope I get to be able to afford it someday. That’s a great gaming device to have if you have the money.

Thanks for the nice words, man.