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I'm hopping into threads more often. It's a great place not only to find new content to curate, but to learn about upcoming events as well.

Example: I keep missing Cryptomaniacs with Jong and Task as I never know when its going to be on. Sometimes I see a UTC time mentioned and I have no idea when that is. I need to know the ET (Eastern Time) so I can know when to tune in.

Often, the first time I hear about an event is after it's over. To help with attendance, we need more notice and not in that hard-to-figure-out abominable UTC time.

Are you getting the impression that I hate events being announced in UTC time? I hate UTC time. I have to work to figure out the translation to my local time. It adds unnecessary friction. It's a mess.

I miss out on lots of Hive Discord events because I don't see the posts. Maybe a future update to threads will allow us to opt-in to a publisher (think PIZZA events, polls, town halls, CRYPTOMANIACS etc.) so it would show up when I log into LeoFinance.

"The next episode of Cryptomaniacs is scheduled for Wednesday, 8PM ET"

It'd be great if there was some opt-in threads notification with a countdown to the next episode (again, ET not UTC). I see a lot of future uses for threads as a place to learn new things and boost attendance at events. We don't always see the posts, but we always have threads right in front of us.


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