RE: Big Growth For LEO Finance & Hive Requires Education & Feeding Imaginations

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With people such as yourself that "get it" I'm sure we will tackle this in time. I don't want to completely remove the numerous choices, just don't hit them with it right at the very beginning, thus scaring people away. Ease them in with a one-click join button and then gently introduce them to other options and slowly seep them into the complex parts.

When I was new to the net, like many others I joined (notice that word?) AOL. They had little animations that would show you exactly what to insert and click on. I had an issue once and it offered "Would you like AOL to help you with that?" I clicked yes and it went and did everything for me like magic. It was awesome and I stayed with them for a long time. I have every confidence that we can and will reduce friction for new people.

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